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[iDEAL065] Mokira – Bias Line Vinyl 2010

Mokira – Bias Line
Label: iDEAL Recordings
Catalog#: iDEAL065
Format: Vinyl, 7", White
Country: Sweden
Released: Oct 2010
Genre: Electronic
Style: Abstract, Experimental, Ambient
Credits: Artwork By – Nullvoid
Notes: Limited edition of 200 copies. Plain, white handstamped labels.

A Bias Line
B Godstar

Swedish super-producer Andreas Tilliander follows that killer Kondens 12" a couple a months back with two gruffly experimental conceptions for iDEAL. Frontside, 'Bias Line' is like some glacially melting acid bashment track, gradually shedding layers of icy, electric blue distortion around a masticated acid bassline. Flipside, the tumultuous 'Godstar' wreaks havoc with expertly managed layers of electronic distortion cloaking a hulking halfstep swing rhythm. F**king aces all round. Limited to 200 copies on plain, white hand-stamped labels. You need this one!!!


[mobeer::010] Happenstance – Mobeer: 010 CD 2010

Happenstance – Mobeer: 010
Label: Mobeer
Catalog#: mobeer::010
Format: CDr, Mini, EP, Limited Edition
Country: UK
Released: 07 Oct 2010
Genre: Electronic
Style: Experimental
Credits: Written-by [Uncredited] – Chris Stewart (3), Karl Eden
Notes: Limited edition of 300 handnumbered copies.
Handmade packaging.

1 Big Do's And Little Don'ts.. 3:21
2 Go Tell It On The Molehills.. 2:15
3 Knackered Tabernacle 3:00
4 Even My Goosebumps Shivered 4:09
5 The One Eyed King 3:18
6 All Fish And No Chips 2:49
*The very last Mobeer release ever, handed numbered to an edition of just 300 copies for the world in beautiful bespoke packaging* And so we arrive at Mobeer 010, the very last installment of the Moteer label's "micro brewery" project. This release comes from the duo Happenstance, comprising Karl Eden and Chris Stewart (also known for his work under the Need More Sources guise). Once again the 3" CD arrives mounted on a bespoke beermat and ferreted away in a slipcase and brown paper envelope that's been stamped and hand-numbered. Across six tracks and around nineteen minutes Eden and Stewart fashion a real standout contribution to the sub-label's small yet perfectly formed catalogue. Marrying programmed electronics and tumbledown, folk-ish instrumentation, nestled away in here you'll find the gauzy strings and heated bass pulses of 'Knackered Tabernacle' and the late night Hawaiian guitar melancholy of 'The One Eyed King', with fourth track, 'Even My Goosebumps Shivered', possibly serving up the disc's finest moment when in its later stages it assumes the character of a spy movie theme put together by Joe Meek. In other tracks Happenstance evoke the spirit of their spiritual godfathers The Remote Viewer, particularly during the fluttering slow-mo post-rock of 'Go Tell It On The Molehills', while elegiac, brass-like synth tones and spluttering ukulele sonics are put to good use on the lulling parting shot, 'All Fish And No Chips'. And so, we bid a fond adieu to this lovely little label....


[R-N 100] Various – Document # 1 Raster-Noton Japan Tour 2007 CD 2010

Various – Document # 1 Raster-Noton Japan Tour 2007
Label: Raster-Noton
Catalog#: R-N 100
Format: CD, Mixed, Limited Edition, Book
Country: Germany
Released: 20 Dec 2010
Genre: Electronic
Style: Abstract, Experimental, Minimal

Credits" Artwork By [Design] – Gunnar Bauer
Mixed By – Alva Noto (tracks: 1 -14)
Photography – Sebastian Mayer (2)
Notes: Catalogue + Cd, 130 pages, colour print, text English/Japanese, limited edition 100 copies, all autographed

1 Signal – Datasette 0:22
2 Frank Bretschneider – The Moon Is A Hole In The Sky (Edit) 3:52
3 Franz Pomassl – Antenna Atoll 2:20
4 Byetone – Capture This (I) (Edit) 0:54
5 Byetone – Capture This (II) 4:39
6 Kangding Ray – A Protest Song 3:29
7 Taeji Sawai – Losi (Edit) 2:00
8 Alva Noto – 07 U_08 5:20
9 Franz Pomassl – Blank Jack 0:26
10 Signal – Rawema 3:26
11 Byetone – Rocky (Mix Version) 4:48
12 Franz Pomassl – Tandem Distiller 3:52
13 Nibo – 78820140201261118446829285398143 (Rough Bit Mix) 6:10
14 Franz Pomassl / Taeji Sawai – Nitro / Losi (Pitched Version) 0:22
Soon after raster-noton was founded in 1996 it was a welcome surprise that our first releases had strong resonance in japan. this enthusiasm encouraged us to share our sound and visualisations on tour. our first contacts became friendships – some even became part of the label, be it as collaborators or artists. since these establishing times, we have happily returned to japan again and again with more artists from the label. our experiences throughout the country have repeatedly inspired all of us. japanese culture and its sense for detail – whether expressed in design, architecture, food or hospitality – continues to influence the label’s output. this limited edition book is a present to our artists, our fans, and also to ourselves. it is one way to remember the great moments and to thank all the people involved in our last ten years of touring in japan. we have enjoyed a perfect combination of music, inspiration and fun!


Sunday, April 3, 2011

[R-N 127] Cyclo. - Id (Album) CD 2011

Cyclo. - Id
Label: Raster-Noton
Catalog#: R-N 127
Format: CD, Album
Country: Germany
Released: Mar 2011
Genre: Electronic
Style: Abstract, Experimental
Sound Designer - Carsten Nicolai , Ryoji Ikeda
This record is not mastered in order to keep the original Lissajous figures and locus of cycloid movement.
To observe, please play on an xy phase scope. Any data compression such as mp3 will distort this visualization.
All sounds by Ryoji Ikeda and Carsten Nicolai 2000-2010
XY phase scope software: Tomonaga Tokuyama, Cyclo. Archivist: Nibo

1 Id#00 6:56
2 Id#01 4:09
3 Id#02 2:05
4 Id#03 2:44
5 Id#04 4:23
6 Id#05 2:03
7 Id#06 4:51
8 Id#07 3:52
9 Id#08 5:36
10 Id#09 4:09
11 Id#10 3:31

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Ryoji Ikeda and Carsten Nicolai first premiered their collaborative Cyclo project a deacde ago on Raster Noton. Relaunching in 2011 they're just as intent on creating a synaesthetic visualization of sound that "...seeks to create a new hybrid of visual art and music". Essentially the sounds on 'Id' are inextricable from their visual corollary. They're the unmastered sonic illustrations of detailed graphical data, and vice versa, developed from a database of sounds composed to produce visual responses when analysed in real time with the help of stereo image monitoring equipment. Most importantly, the sounds are subservient to the image, hence the record remains purposefully unmastered in order to retain the waveform's original integrity when visualized through an XY phase scope, transcending the usual sound>image dynamic. But that's not to say that the music doesn't possess its own heightened, strangely affecting quality - within 30 seconds of listening through headphones this reviewer's eyes were watering, a physically visceral effect if we've ever felt one. A man-sized Kleenex later and we discover that, unlike its relatively austere predecessor, the sounds within cover a wider spectrum of rhythms, from spasmodic digital pulses to lightyears-advanced electro syncopation, and similarly a dazzling frequency range capable of causing acutely synaesthetic reactions. All this leads us to think that 'Id' is a work of uncompromising genius, at once cementing and advancing Ikeda and Nicolai's relentlessly ongoing audio/visual quest. Highly recommended!


Saturday, April 2, 2011

(CM-01) Cepia - Cepia (Album) CD 2010

Cepia - Cepia
Label: Cepia Music
Catalog#: CM-01
Format: CD, Album
Country: US
Released: 07 Dec 2010
Genre: Electronic
Style: IDM

Credits: Artwork By [Design] - Kevin Smith
Artwork By [Photo] - Cameron Wittig
Mastered By - Dave Collins
Written By, Producer - Huntley Miller

1 Untitled III 3:01
2 Ithaca 3:39
3 Hootenanny 3:56
4 Hype Man 1:37
5 Year To Year 3:43
6 Public Address 1:57
7 Incurvatus In Se 3:28
8 Me And My Gin 3:22
9 You Don't Know What It Means To Win 3:14
10 Cord 3:39

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[UNSEEN 001] Helios - Unleft (Album) CD 2010

Helios - Unleft
Label: Unseen Records
Catalog#: UNSEEN001
Format: CD, Compilation, Album, Remastered, Limited Edition
Country: US
Released: 01 Mar 2010
Genre: Electronic, Rock
Style: Acoustic, Downtempo, Ambient
Photography - Colin Kenniff
Written-By, Recorded By, Mastered By - Keith Kenniff
Notes: "This album is a collection of material recorded from 2000-2009.
Regular CD version previously released in 2009 on CD-R as "Unreleased Vol. 1".
Remastered with one bonus track.
Limited to 150 copies.

1 Convivium 4:16
2 Cross The Ocean 5:21
3 The Evening Walk 3:53
4 Bounce Dive 5:45
5 Every Hair On Your Head 3:58
6 South Tree 4:03
7 Friedel 5:46
8 Distance 4:28
9 Carry With Us 4:03
10 The Jaguar Sun 4:28
11 The Morning Room 4:49

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On Unleft, Keith Kenniff collects previously unreleased Helios material recorded between 2000 and 2009, sequencing the resultant tracks as a self-contained album. The resultant fifty minutes plays out as a wonderfully varied sequence that focusses on melodically resonant electronic music. You'll hear some of the compositional techniques Kenniff has become known for at work, cutting a tuneful, glitched-up swathe through opener 'Convivium', while the crunchily filtered, slow-core beats of 'Friedel' and 'Distance' channel a hazy, opiated quality. Taking this a little further, the creaking deep bass and beautiful electronic post-rock of 'Cross The Ocean' is touched by the influence of Boards Of Canada, something that could also be said of the downtempo, beat-heavy ambience of 'Bounce Dive', though there's a more playful and openly tuneful quality to Kenniff's music compared to that of the Brothers Eoin, something highlighted by the airier, brighter productions of the Portlander's music. There's also a pronounced cinematic quality to all this, and you can well imagine Kenniff being recruited to score a film at some point down the line, especially given beautifully crafted, acoustic guitar-driven pieces like 'South Tree' or the upbeat, piano-heavy 'The Morning Room', both of which showcase this side of his output very strongly.