Friday, December 27, 2013

[OPAL 037] Dreamweapon ‎– Living In Hell On Earth

Dreamweapon ‎– Living In Hell On Earth
Label: Opal Tapes ‎– OPAL037
Format: Cassette
Country: UK
Released: 27 Nov 2013
Genre: Electronic
Style: Abstract, Techno, Industrial, Experimental

1   Osc Intro_Genet  5:50 
2   When Blood Runs Thin  5:05 
3   A Sequence To Death  5:12 
4   777  5:35 
5   Living In Hell On Earth  5:12 
6   Last Warning  5:11

[PAN 45] Dalglish ‎– Niaiw Ot Vile LP (Album) 2013

Dalglish ‎– Niaiw Ot Vile
Label: Pan ‎– PAN45
Format: Vinyl, LP
Country: Germany
Released: 12 Dec 2013
Genre: Electronic
Style: IDM, Experimental

A1         Venpin        
A2         Noscrlu        
A3         Viochlm        
A4         Out_Kutzk        
A5         Ciaradh        
B1         Donsfe        
B2         Seit Nuin        
B3         Sclunt        
B4         Mothlitz        
B5         Oidhche        

Mastered By – Rashad Becker
**140g vinyl mastered and cut by Rashad at D&M. Housed in silk-screened PVC sleeve with artwork by Bill Kouligas** The prickly, Autechrian productions of Chris Douglas aka Dalglish find a sympathetic home on PAN with 'Niaiw Ot Vile'. Under myriad guises - Scald Rougish, Seaes, Rook Vallade, among others - Chris has forged a twenty year career as a self-imposed arch-outsider on the fringes of electronic music, finding recognition and respect from intrepid explorers for his persistence and uncompromising approach, all the while remaining an elusive presence. Most notably he's worked with Mad Mike and Drexciya in an unspecified capacity after moving to Detroit as a 17 year old and also appeared at Autechre's pivotal ATP festival in 2003. As with much of his catalogue, his PAN debut feels like a tribute to that influential Æ period circa LP5. It's far more obtuse, refusing the anticipatory gratification of rhythmic loops and more focussed on intricate harmonics and electro-acoustic spatial diffusion over its ten tracks. At its quietest, as with closer 'Oidhche', in the sorrow of 'Viochlm' and the haunted soundscape of 'Sclunt' his melodies remind us of Leyland Kirby.

[MIRA 005] Burma Camp ‎– Repulsion Vinyl 2013

Burma Camp ‎– Repulsion
Label: Mira ‎– MIRA 005
Format: Vinyl, 10"
Country: UK
Released: Sep 2013
Genre: Electronic, Rock
Style: Drone, Techno, Experimental, Industrial

A1         Repulsion        
B1         Isa        
B2         Attraction        

Mastered At – Alchemy Mastering
Mastered By – Matt Colton
The KVB unveil their gloaming industro-goth alias, Burma Camp on Avian's Mira sublabel. Three tracks home in and expand on the more coruscating, abrasive side of The KVB's sound, isolating and tempering its most esoteric side. The noxious cloud of tortured vocals and jagged pulses in 'Repulsion' falls somewhere between the desolate black metal of Wold and Silent Servant's most blown-out post-punk techno, full of evil, pregnant suspense and 'marish intent. 'Isa' reminds more of Zhark Record's bleakest, thundering techno, but alloyed with stentorian, dystopian dungeon vocals, and 'Attraction' provides a fine counterpoint with opiated goth atmospheres recalling Tropic Of Cancer, but depressed to a dull, stygian thud.

[BASH004] Best Available Technology ‎– Bangers & Ash Vinyl 2013

Best Available Technology ‎– Bangers & Ash
Label: Styles Upon Styles ‎– BASH004
Series: Bangers & Ash –
Format: Vinyl, 12"
Country: US
Released: 26 Aug 2013
Genre: Electronic
Style: Abstract, Experimental, Techno

A1         Bulldozer Rituals     3:50    
A2         Vulgar Geometry     2:56    
A3         Venom, Pheromone and Phosphorus     3:58    
B1         Contrecoup     4:40    
B2         Tide Tunnels     6:18    

Mastered By – Rashad Becker

**Given the DIY nature of these jacket designs (they are spray-painted, then screen-printed by hand), some of the sleeves are in varied condition. No two jackets are the same and all look a bit rough, but don't worry - that's the intended effect.** BAT kneads out three knuckled neck-snappers and a pair of warped techno-house aces for Brooklyn's Bangers & Ash label. The ghosted, bit-crushed slow bounce of 'Bulldozer Rituals' shares much in common with mutant gang-banger instrumentals 'Vulgar Geometry' and 'Venom, Pheromone, and Phosporus', coming off like some warped refractions of '93 Mobb Deep or RZA beats, whereas the sub-scooped 4/4 momentum of 'Contrecoup' and the lush suspense of 'Tide Tunnels' ramp up to throbbing techno-house tempos with a vibe somewhere between Huerco S and Phork. Aces.

Wednesday, December 25, 2013

[ALT 12] Basic House ‎– Oats (Album) 2013
Basic House ‎– Oats
Label: Alter ‎– ALT12, Alter ‎– ALTER 12
Format: CD
Country: UK
Released: Oct 2013
Genre: Electronic
Style: Experimental, Noise, Techno, Drone, Ambient

1         AR II     5:59    
2         Child Confession     8:34    
3         Interiors     1:35    
4         Est Oan     6:43    
5         B.G. Feathers     6:27    
6         Dry Contract     3:09    
7-15         (no audio)     0:54    
      Bonus Tracks
16         Time Table     6:55    
17         Nurse     5:58    
18         La Coccinelle     7:30    
19         C-Beat     10:00    
20         L-Wave And Comb     9:25
Opal Taper, Stephen Bishop's intrepid Basic House project is steadily becoming one of the most fascinating off-road electronic projects around. 'Oats', for Luke Younger's highly esteemed Alter imprint, places him in good company alongside textural and rhythmic explorers such as Jamal Moss, Helm and Damien Dubrovnik. It's his 2nd album of 2013 after the crumbling deconstructions of 'Caim In Bird Form' for Digitalis, and finds his sound at once congealing and diffusing with a unique sonic syntax. Textural decay demarcates its six tracks, flowing from the buckled tape loops and guttural bass thump of 'AR II' to the soiled grunge techno of 'Child Confession' by way of a trans-temporal fag break of porno lite keys and a gasping vocal fragment before heading back into the concrète workshop ambience of 'Interiors' to close the first side. On the second, 'Est Oan' features a chamber group of swirling shapes and acephalic voices, before the grotty expanse of 'B.G. Feathers' crackins with distortion before the sinkhole of 'Dry Contact' slowly swallows its contents in a gurgling muck soup. Like any good and properly *new* music, Basic House is breaking down convention and rebuilding new forms with each subsequent release...