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[R-N 108] Frank Bretschneider - Exp (Album) CD 2010

Frank Bretschneider - Exp
Label: Raster-Noton
Catalog#: R-N 108
Format: CD, Album
CD, Album, Enhanced
Country: Germany
Released: 17 May 2010
Genre: Electronic
Style: Abstract, Minimal

1-1 Monopuls 2:01
1-2 Blue: Cobalt 0:39
1-3 Strobe Room 1:00
1-4 Blue: Ultramarine 1:31
1-5 Chamber Jazz 1:05
1-6 Biplex 1:03
1-7 Blue: Cyan 0:38
1-8 B.L.U.E Best Linear Unbiased Estimator 1:04
1-9 Polylog 1:12
1-10 Node 0:32
1-11 Orion 0:48
1-12 Spin 0:20
1-13 Novo Duplex 0:35
1-14 Blue: Electric 0:22
1-15 Mass 1:06
1-16 Blue: Aluminate 0:42
1-17 Ventilator 1:01
1-18 Colour Wheel 0:31
1-19 Tron 0:31
1-20 Echolog 1:05
1-21 Reflex 0:50
1-22 Multimath Duplex 0:21
1-23 Polycopter 2:55
1-24 Memory 1:47
1-25 Phased out 0:41
1-26 Oscillation 0:14
1-27 Funkalogic 0:37
1-28 Monoplex 0:14
1-29 Multiplex 0:29
1-30 Panback 0:37
1-31 Blue: Prussian 0:30
1-32 Light Weight 0:48
1-33 Satellite 2:13
1-34 Crystal Dub 2:49
1-35 For Kyoka 2:29
2-Video1 Monopuls 2:01
2-Video2 Blue: Cobalt 0:39
2-Video3 Strobe Room 1:00
2-Video4 Blue: Ultramarine 1:31
2-Video5 Chamber Jazz 1:05
2-Video6 Biplex 1:03
2-Video7 Blue: Cyan 0:38
2-Video8 B.L.U.E Best Linear Unbiased Estimator 1:04
2-Video9 Polylog 1:12
2-Video10 Node 0:32
2-Video11 Orion 0:48
2-Video12 Spin 0:20
2-Video13 Novo Duplex 0:35
2-Video14 Blue: Electric 0:22
2-Video15 Mass 1:06
2-Video16 Blue: Aluminate 0:42
2-Video17 Ventilator 1:01
2-Video18 Colour Wheel 0:31
2-Video19 Tron 0:31
2-Video20 Echolog 1:05
The package contains a compact disc audio with 35 tracks and a compact disc data with the live visuals of tracks 01 to 20 as quicktime movie file (, 18:05 min).

The movie was generated from realtime live visualisations of Exp.

EXP is a music-visual work based on the idea that fine art should attain the abstract purity of music. an attempt to assimilate the qualities found in music – including movement, rhythm, tempo, mood, intensity and compositional structure – within visual phenomena. the music for the project was composed of specifi c generated and selected waveforms, feedbacks, impulses, clicks, the sound of mechanics, electricity, magnetism, light and other radiation. in addition and since the animation is mainly driven by sound frequency and intensity, the sonic quality of these sounds makes it possible to obtain an optimal effect on the graphics motion. in combination with several other ways of controlling the animation – from midi programming to applying motion curves – the visualization represents an exact reproduction of the audible occurrences. as a consequence the computed images often attain anunexpected beauty, from simple geometrical patterns to extraordinarily complex forms.

the package contains a compact disc audio with 35 tracks and a compact disc data with the live visuals of tracks 01 to 20 as quicktime movie file (, 18:05 min).

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[Crónica 051~2010] Mosaique - Shattering Silence 2010

Mosaique - Shattering Silence
Label: Crónica
Catalog#: Crónica 051~2010
Format: 14 x File, MP3
Country: Portugal
Released: 24 May 2010
Genre: Electronic
Style: Noise, Abstract, Drone, Experimental, Hardcore, Minimal
Credits: Mastered By - Miguel Carvalhais

1 Semendia 4:04
2 Axis Tilt 5:52
3 Ithom 12:16
4 Mundo 8:16
5 Typus Und Form 4:24
6 Ropea 9:12
7 Photon Hills 6:40
8 Fissures 10:40
9 Recoil 5:16
10 Tessian 7:20
11 Golden Vertical 6:48
12 Beasts 4:32
13 Gravity And Grace 14:08
14 Sinum 4:00

Following his 2008 release in Crónica, “Filare”, Jan Ferreira presents his new work “Shattering Silence”, 14 tracks totalling over one hundred minutes of music. Once again, Mosaique releases in the Unlimited Series and is available as a free download in either 320kbps MP3 or Apple Lossless formats.

Jan Ferreira is one of the most promising Portuguese new composers of hands-on electronic music, creating his pieces from a limited palette of tools and resources, including the manipulation of feedback, analog synthesis and distortion. His pieces have deep roots in live performance, and that imbues them with a characteristic immediacy and freshness, as traces of his creative touch and direct manipulation are felt throughout the pieces.

“In this release I worked for the first time with analogue synthesis. It was new territory so I spent long time exploring timbres and textures and what especially drew my attention was the "sharpness" of sound as if one could sense its outlines like with forms and shapes. Also how sounds emerged and 'cut' through the air was of special interest to me. After recording the material it was put into composition with emphasis on the effect of layering certain sounds (and hence what depth or sense of contrast they create) and the feeling of change that occurs when the "sound scenery" shifts. The composition then was more a frame in which these things were allowed to occur (especially in the more abstract pieces) than a linear narrative. All this is also based on a general visual quality that sound conveys to me.”

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[de6 007] mimosa|moize - Title: Live at Unit 3.03 2010

mimosa|moize - Title: Live at Unit 3.03
Label: Dragon's Eye Recordings
Catalogue: de6007
Duration: 32:13
Format: MP3
Edition: Open
Release: May 2010

Live at Unit 3.03 is a sequence of sound sketches that were spectrally deconstructed and reconstructed live, with intentions of engaging the listener with the space. Each sound used was mono allowing any stereo effect of movement perceived to be those created from the influence of the space itself.

The nature of performing at Unit 3.03 is generally one of a more domestic gathering than that of a public event. This shared domestic-come-temporary-social situation creates an interesting interaction with the sounds to be heard coming from within and beyond this personal and intimate space. Interestingly, this situation also directs ours attention inwardly to the sounds that we carry with us and outwardly to the ones that people carry with them.

This recording was taken during our very first live performance held at Unit 3.03, where we shared tea, coffee and cake, met old friends and new ones, and shared old stories and made new memories.

Recorded on the afternoon of March 20th, 2010, at Unit 3.03, London, UK.

Thanks to Dead Wood and Jonny Hill who also performed that day and to everyone who visited our home on that memorable afternoon.

Also, special thank you to Kimvi Nguyen for providing the artwork, a gift on that day.


Wednesday, May 26, 2010

[zym 025] Nicolas Bernier + Simon Trottier - The Market Fresh 2010

Nicolas Bernier + Simon Trottier - The Market Fresh
Label: Zymogen
Catalog#: zym025
Format: 1 x File, FLAC, MP3, 320 kbps
Country: Italy
Released: 24 May 2010
Genre: Electronic
Style: Experimental, Ambient
This work (audio tracks, cover, text) is licensed under a creative commons license.
Cover Artwork: © Mikel Aramendia Lacalle:

1. The Market Fresh

Nicolas Bernier and Simon Trottier are two talented musicians from Montreal, Canada. Nicolas is an electroacoustic artist and founder of Ekumen collective more recently famous for his live performance "La Chambre des Machines" with Martin Messier invited in festivals around the world including Transmediale (Germany) and Sonar (Spain).
Simon has collaborated with a number of instrumental rock and improvised music groups, and has accompanied pop artists such as Québec’s French pop duet Tricot Machine and Halifax’s spooky folk duo, Ghost Bees. He is now a member of Ferriswheel with Torngat's multi-instrumentalist Mathieu Charbonneau, as well as Toronto’s haunted blues-folk group Timber Timbre.
Together they released two excellent EPs on 12rec ("... et retrouve en foret" and "Objet abandonne en mer") and in August 2009, during the Sound Travels Festival in Toronto, they performed an improvisation gig in a market fresh during the day and this one-track EP is the recording of that show.

Because of its improvisational nature this EP is deeply different from everything you already heard from them.
The perfect mix of guitar melodies and electronic sounds which was the trademark of their previous songs it's here expanded and dilated into a unique fluxes.
The brilliant combination is still there, but this 19 minutes long recording shows a very different approach to the sound and leaves more space to experimentation and sound design.

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William Fowler Collins - Surreal In Springtime

William Fowler Collins - Surreal In Springtime

The sun's shining, so who better to usher in the light faeries than William Fowler Collins?

t’s hard to believe this is only William’s first mix for Type, and I can’t give a reasonable explanation why that is. While he might be best known for his doomy, blackened soundscapes, his taste varies far more than he’s given credit for, as this wide-reaching collection of surreal gems attests. Really, there’s no better way to spend your hot spring/summer days than listening to these peculiar sounds…
1. Patsy Cline // “Sweet Dreams” // Decca Country Classics (1934-1973)
2. Lydia Lunch // “The Drowning” // Drowning in Limbo
3. Lefty Frizzell // “I Never Go Around Mirrors” // Classic Country Music: A Smithsonian Collection
4. Helena Gough // “Yolk” // With What Remains
5. The Flying Burrito Brothers // “Sin City” // The Gilded Palace Of Sin
6. Maryanne Amacher // “Tower” // Sound Characters
7. Chris Watson // “Vultures, Nine Birds Feeding On Zebra Carcass, Itong Plains, Kenya” // Outside the Circle of Fire
8. Giacinto Scelsi // “Anahit” // Quattro Pezzi per Orchestra – Anahit – Uaxuctum
9. Xasthur // “In The Hate Of Battle” // Nocturnal Poisoning
10. Ennio Morricone // “The Man” // Once Upon A Time In The West
11. Butthole Surfers // “Whirling Hall Of Knives” // Rembrandt Pussyhorse
12. Jimi Hendrix // “Machine Gun” // Live/Isle Of Wight

William Fowler Collins - Surreal In Springtime by _type


Monday, May 24, 2010

[ACE 031] J. Hanson - Boolean Blues (Album) CD 2010

J. Hanson - Boolean Blues
Label: Digitalis Recordings
Catalog#: ACE031
Format: CD, Album
Country: US
Released: Apr 2010
Genre: Electronic
Style: Experimental, Ambient
Edition of 500.

1 Shut-Your-Fucking-Krout 6:33
2 Catshit And Sandalwood 8:18
3 Swat Valley Driver 10:49
4 Peace In Sumeria 5:58
5 Sometimes I Dunno... 2:52

Josh Hanson is another of Portland, Oregon's underappreciated sons. Having come up through the ranks of long-time, long-forgotten faves Hochenkeit, he also spent time as a member of The Davis Redford Trio. But Hanson's path diverges into a totally different sphere nowadays, spinning solo modular synth exploits to the stars. Influenced not just by the likes of Subotnick and Cluster but also various types of Eastern sounds, Hanson is looking forward, trying to find new pathways in electronic music. Using a homebuilt synth, Hanson is like a magician that keeps you looking one direction while he's cooking up something special from out of left-field. "Boolean Blues" is psychedelic and mathematical all once

Starting with the pulsing and surprisingly catchy "Shut Your Fucking Krout," you are instantly sucked in as a listener. The revolving synth melodies are in your face, never trying to hide behind a veil of reverb of fuzz. "Catshit and Sandalwood" works as two separate tracks, conjoined at birth and held together through piercing synthetic bleeps. Again, there's a softness and melody here that hook you straight off, but the heavy doses of electronic mayhem that go along with it are what keep things uneasy. It's like a warning bell going off so often you have no idea if there's hell on the way. That feeling comes to a head on the centerpiece, "Swat Valley Driver." This is where the psychedelia really kicks in. After a methodic exercise in control backed by a minimal, analog beat, you are greeted with heavy Indian influences. No, of course there's no sitars or tanpuras, but Hanson twists his synth into spitting out racing analog ragas. It's fucking exquisite, all the while backed by black bass lines. "Peace in Sumeria" continues the theme but moves a little bit West, getting lost in translation all the way.

What is perhaps most amazing about "Boolean Blues" is that even though at its heart it's a synth album, wholly electronic, it feels like so much more. It's full of warm tones and rich visions. It's a trip in every sense of the word.

Edition of 500 in gatefold jackets printed by Stumptown, designed by Brad Rose.

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[TO:73] Jana Winderen - Energy Field (Album) CD 2010

Jana Winderen - Energy Field
Label: Touch
Catalog#: TO:73
Format: CD, Album
Country: UK
Released: 06 Apr 2010
Genre: Electronic, Non-Music
Style: Field Recording, Experimental

Credits: Composed By - Jana Winderen
Mastered By - Denis Blackham
Photography - Jon Wozencroft
Notes: Recordings made in the Barents Sea, Greenland and Norway using four DPA hydrophones & 4060s, a Telinga parabolic reflector and a Sound Devices 744T.
Mastered @ Skye.

1 Aquaculture 18:00
2 Isolation/Measurement 12:11
3 Sense Of Latent Power 20:04

This outstanding new Touch release is an album comprised of documents made by sound recordist Jana Winderen over a number of field trips to the Barents Sea, Greenland and Norway. Winderen's focus takes in above-ground sounds of extreme Northern weather systems and the wildlife that inhabits such surroundings, but perhaps more significantly and insightfully, the Oslo-based artist makes probing recordings of sub-aqua environments/habitats using hydrophones. Winderen delves deeply into glaciers, fjords and the open ocean with her equipment, capturing incredible unseen worlds populated by baffling and wholly alien sounds. You'll seldom have any idea as to what might be making some of these amazing noises, but among them are: "Sounds of crustaceans, fish such as cod, haddock, herring and pollock recorded as they are hunting, calling for a mate or orientating themselves in their environment". The disc is divided into three lengthy pieces, each one assembled from a variety of different recordings, carefully layered and edited so as to give a flowing, seamless account of the various locales Winderen explored on her field trips. In terms of recording fidelity and all-round immersive brilliance, Energy Field is right up there alongside Chris Watson's greatest works - it really is that good. Anyone with an affection for the art of sound recording will instantly adore this release; it's an album that offers a consistently surprising and illuminating depiction of regions in our natural world that would otherwise be inaccessible to us.

**When you purchase this CD from the TouchShop you will receive as a free download: Jana Winderen - Live in Den Haag, recorded on 25th September 2009 at the TodaysArt 2009 festival. This performance was recorded straight to digital from the main desk. In order to obtain your free download, click "Return to Touch" at end of PayPal process, and you will be given a download link**

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[RF 002] Curgenven - Silent Landscapes (Album) CD 2008

Robert Curgenven - Silent Landscapes
Label: Recorded Fields
Catalog#: RF002
Format: CDr, Album
Country: Australia
Released: 2008
Genre: Electronic, Non-Music
Style: Field Recording, Experimental
Notes: Part of the label's Field Recording Series.

1 Silent Landscapes No 1 8:11
2 Silent Landscapes No 2 7:28
3 Silent Landscapes No 3 11:12
4 Silent Landscapes No 4 15:43

Silent Landscapes, the first volume in Recorded Fields’ “Field Recording Series”, reveals four crisp, meticulously layered vignettes composed from field recordings made throughout Australia. Somewhere between beauty and brutality, the restrained fury of this landscape becomes quietly perceptible upon the threshold of silence; creating an intense exploration of uncharted territories at the edge of human experience. This country, given voice through one of the world‘s oldest living cultures, can unexpectedly raise its whisper to a storm of sound for those with patience enough to wait and listen.

Composed from unprocessed recordings made between 1999 and 2008 in places that include some of the world’s oldest - the 2.5 billion year-old rock-shelves of the Tanami Desert in north Western Australia, Litchfield National Park and Arnhem Land in the Northern Territory; volcanic fields by the imposing Mount Warning (Wollumbin) in northern New South Wales; the desolate open plains between the Channel country and Barkly Tableland in Central Queensland; along Indigenous songlines that cross and connect the ancient continent – from Muggadah (Echo Point) in the Blue Mountains near Katoomba to Coober Pedy in South Australia - these recordings combine to present a compelling insight into the experience of space, place and time across a country that can offer much but often says little.

Mixed live to DAT with five CD players and a 12 channel mixing desk in Berlin on 8 April 2007, 20 January and 29 February to 1 March 2008; DAT transfer from DAT was made by Marko Ciciliani in Amsterdam on 6 April 2008; final mixes mastered to DAT, Milan, 15-18 April. Master DAT transfer, Oori Shalev, Berlin, 5 April 2008.

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[oz 032] NOS project - NOS project

NOS project - NOS project
Label: ozky e-sound Netlabel
Cat#: oz 032
Psychedelic, Experimental

1 nothing special but hot
2 noisy sunday
3 geometric shapes
4 bile me homo
5 near the sea pu
6 searching for the key
7 shh be careful with this
8 once is enough
9 colors,games and birds
10 the last at last

After more than 20 years of service as the drummer of Greek neo-psychedelic pioneers Purple Overdose and No Man's Land (still on active duty with the latter), Chris Silver Triantafillopoulos decided to temporarily abandon his drum kit in order to embark on a private journey in the sea of sounds that laps the shores of his mind. The results of this esoteric trip can be heard in the soundscapes of NOS Project: ambient memories of places one visits in dreams.

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[zym 024] Werken - Sum (Album) 2009

Werken - Sum
Label: Zymogen
Catalog#: zym024
Format: 11 x File, FLAC, MP3, 320 kbps
Country: Italy
Released: 2009
Genre: Electronic
Style: Experimental, Ambient, Glitch
Credits: Artwork By [Design] - Zymogen
Photography - Mikel Aramendia Lacalle
Written By - Tilman Ehrhorn
Notes: All songs and artwork licensed under Creative Commons.

1 On 1:15
2 Some Home Truths 4:03
3 Dub Traffic Pt I 2:38
4 Odd Fish 4:06
5 Now I See 2:59
6 C & P 4:08
7 Surrender 4:03
8 Dub Traffic Pt II 2:38
9 Blues 5:34
10 Port Elizabeth 7:45
11 Over 1:04

Sum is the debut album of Werken, one of the aliases of Tilman Ehrhorn known for his releases on Mille Plateaux and Resopal Schallware.
Working full time as saxophone and reed player, composer, producer and sound designer Tilman Ehrhorn is a highly regarded jazz artist who also took roots in the electronic world.
Among teaching, giving jazz clinics and regular work in theater, tv-, radio-, and cd- productions he has established himself as a composer as well as a performing artist in clubs, at festivals and for concert tours all over the world.

This release introduces an experimental and ambientish dubby side of his producing skills. Almost every sound has been generated on a modular synthesizer. Some important developing tools within the synth are sine- and noiseoscillators, with which also most of the percussion sounds are built.
The majority of tunes are crossfading to the following; the progress of the album ranges from the opening track to its closing reprise like of one piece.
In many parts of the tracks, beats are used rhythmically free to interrupt a pulsing soundpad, which is a main element of the music. Some minimal changing figures are taking hold to break up continous sequential patterns.
The non-conventional manner of generating sounds as well as using elements of chance within the production process creates similarities with the improvisational niveau of jazz and contemporary composed music.

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FACT mix 151: Demdike Stare

FACT mix 151 is the eerie, absorbing work of Demdike Stare – the Manchester-orbiting duo of Miles Whittaker and Sean Canty. 

Whittaker is perhaps best known for his austere, dub-infused but club-friendly releases on Modern Love as MLZ and as one half of Pendle Coven; Canty is one of the tireless nugget-hunters working behind the scenes at Andy Votel’s Finders Keepers label. Like the Haxan clubnight which predates and informs it, Demdike Stare is a project combining the duo’s interests in techno, dub, drone, early electronics, astral jazz, off-kilter ethnic musics; grounded in samples, it blurs the boundary between DJ and producer, collector and creator, and has yielding astonishing results on record. The first Demdike offering was 2009’s Symbiosis album (released on CD and across two self-titled 12″s), followed by the enchanting mix CD Osmosis and most recently another LP of original material, the two-track, vinyl-only Forest of Evil.
Buoyed by the considerable cult success of their releases, Summer 2010 finds Demdike Stare have venturing out into the world for a number of live audio-visual performances, including an appearance at Shedding The Past, Dubbing The Future (Nocturne 3), a collaboration with FACT at the 2010 Mutek festival that also features King Midas Sound, Shed, Ikonika, Actress and others. Mutek takes place across various venues in Montreal over the period June 2-6, with the FACT event happening at Club Soda on Friday 4. Catch ‘em if you can.
Above and beyond their often tongue-in-cheek invocation of the occult, there is something truly uncanny about Demdike Stare’s overlapping and synthesis of textures ancient and modern, eastern and western. Witness their FACT mix, which sees ‘La Dance De Nadia’ by Lebanese composer Elias Rahbani sharing airtime with Robert Hood’s 1998 minimal banger ‘Grace Under Fire’ (Nighttime Mix) and Carl Craig’s noir-techno sure shot ‘Darkness’, and also features psychedelic reggae of Keith Hudson and German art-prog from Guru Guru as well as four previously unreleased Demdike Stare productions: ‘Rain And Shame’, ‘Matilda’s Dream’, ‘Caged In Stammheim’ and ‘The Stars Are Moving’.
Grab the mix and cop the tracklist below. See the next page for a Q&A with Demdike Stare.

1. Demdike Stare – Rain And Shame
2. Demdike Stare – Matilda’s Dream
3. Guru Guru – Atommolch
4. Demdike Stare – Caged In Stammheim
5. Keith Hudson – Satan Side
6. Unknown – Unknown Thai track
7. Elias Rahbani – La Dance De Nadia
8. Robert Hood – Grace Under Fire ( Nightime Mix )
9. Demdike Stare – The Stars Are Moving
10. Carl Craig – Darkness


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Black Square Netlabel

Black square on white field, carrying abstraction to its ultimate geometric simplification.

Called a "dead square" and a "void" by the critics, as well as "the greatest by far among the fairground tricks of instant culture." To Malevich, however, this square symbolized a "full void", in that it showed how painting could fulfill itself unaided by any reference to a specific external reality. For him the square represented only Suprematism: "the supremacy of pure feeling" in and of itself. Malevich removes specific subject matter by shifting away from representation and mimesis and towards the purity of mathematical geometry."The square = feeling, the white field = the void beyond this feeling."

Black Square netlabel is about synthesis between image and a sound, music and a photo. And as Malevich's square it does not recognize genre distinctions as in music so in photography, but represents only Suprematism: "the supremacy of pure feeling".
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[m.mVINYL 02] Xyramat / Thorsten Soltau - Lack Klebt Auf Schwarzgeld Nicht Vinyl ltd 2010

Xyramat / Thorsten Soltau - Lack Klebt Auf Schwarzgeld Nicht
Label: m.m Label
Catalog#: m.mVINYL02
Format: Vinyl, 7", Limited Edition
Country: Germany
Released: Feb 2010
Genre: Electronic
Style: Experimental

A Korruption I
B Korruption II

Info and Feedback Myspace

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Pete Swanson - Type Podcast 3

Pete Swanson - Type Podcast 3

A deep, psychedelic blend of modern electronics from ex-Yellow Swan Pete Swanson

For this third Typecast, Pete Swanson (ex of Yellow Swans) has grabbed hold of as much modern electronic music he can, to represent a subculture that seems to be bubbling and fizzing right now. Through electro, techno, idm and dubstep we’ve arrived on a sound that is just as connected to the bbc Radiophonic Workshop and Visage as it is to Carl Craig or Basic Channel. And that’s got to be a good thing.

Also of note is Pete’s inclusion of a brand new track from Jefre Cantu-Ledesma (from his forthcoming Type album – you heard it here first) and a brand new track from himself… which hasn’t even got a name yet. You can’t say we don’t drop the hott fresh dubs here, right?

Jefre Cantu-Ledesma – Star Garden
Operative – Pulse
Rene Hell – X.O. Lucifer
C Section 8 – Music Box
Bulbs – Channels
Miracles Club
Mouthus – Where the Bridge Was Found
borg – Track 1 from IA!
Axolotl – track 2 from Of Bonds In General
Angel Rada – Carillion
Golden Retriever – Canonic Horizon
Nerve Net Noise – Smoke From Past
Caboladies – Caught In Cradle Fly Paper
Pete Swanson – Work In Progress

Pete Swanson - Type Podcast 3 by _type


[FLAU 15] Colophon - Love Loops (Album) CD 2010

Colophon - Love Loops
Label: Flau
Catalog#: FLAU15
Format: CD, Album, Reissue
Country: Japan
Released: 2010
Genre: Electronic, Rock
Style: Ambient
Notes: Reissue of the Temporary Residence CD issued in 2004 with 2 bonus tracks.

1 This Is How You Spell Almanac
2 Reykjavik
3 Prospect Park
4 Mangoes And Sticky Rice
5 Your Body Was Like A Jungle Aflame
6 Kona
7 First Day Back From Brooklyn/Fingers Through Your Hair
8 Amsterdam
9 Sunset In Your Mother's Garden
10 Ikebana
11 Love Loop
12 Eat The Moon
13 Poems
14 Watching Josi Die
15 Texas Heat

“Love Loops” is a minimal acoustic masterpiece crafted by the talented multi-instrumentalist, Jefre Cantu-Ledesma, who based in San Francisco, and is also a core member of several bands like Tarentel, The Alps, The Holy See and many more. In 2000, after a much needed break from his tour schedule with Tarental, Jefre felt that it was the right time for him to walk the path of solo music making. And this has lead to the forming of Colophon, the solo moniker of Jefre Cantu-Ledesma. In 2003, Jefre’s unarguably masterpiece in minimal acoustic music, “Love Loops”, was released by the wonderful Temporary Residence label, as part of their mail order only series, Travels In Constance. (Other distinguished artists previously released under the same series include Mogwai, LOW, Papa M, Sonn and etc). Not long after the release, as everybody expected, the album was sold out and out of print, for as long as we can remember …until now.

Therefore, one can imagine how delighted we are to have this opportunity to reissue this minimal acoustic music masterpiece again. As reflected in the cover photo of the album, this is an album that is full of passionate feelings, which carefully wrapped within one’s most intimate moments. Delicate sounds and melancholic melodies, “Love Loops” is conceptualized with 15 loops collections, all with shimmering abstract colors and overflowing sentimental emotion.

In this reissue edition, we are delighted to include 3 breathtaking bonus tracks, including the amazingly beautiful minimal drone track, "Texas Heat". This album, perhaps, is the most comprehensive collection of Colophon's works.

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[RB 083] Off Land - Anniversary EP 2010

Off Land - Anniversary EP
Label: Resting Bell
Catalog#: RB083
Format: 7 x File, MP3, 192 kbps
Country: Germany
Released: 18 May 2010
Genre: Electronic
Style: Minimal, Experimental, Ambient
Artwork By [Image], Guitar - Ben Dwyer
Artwork By, Written-By, Recorded By - Off Land
French Horn - Eric Damashek
Recorded By [Field Recordings] - Marc Damashek

1 Arrival 1:18
2 Practice 4:18
3 Ceremony, Part 1 2:02
4 Streams 1:37
5 Ascent 5:20
6 Of Height 3:34
7 Ceremony, Part 2 4:20

Similar to my previous release, Commute, which was an exercise in revisiting a past experience, the Anniversary ep is an exercise in revisiting a moment of time. Parts of my wedding were documented with field recordings. This included pre-ceremony unpacking / chatter / music, post-ceremony celebration / music, and a hike up a mountain. This material became the album’s skeleton. The guitar and French Horn were exstracted from the original field recordings.

I decided to honor the original rural conditions for playing music at my wedding and record the release with acoustic instruments only. The result is a group of dusty organic pieces that sonically represent a mountainous hike in mist and the day’s memories, as far as weather conditions will let you go. A french horn bellows and the distance on an early May day in northern New Hampshire.

<a href="">Arrival by Off Land</a>

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Various - Despite the Downturn: An Answer Album

Various - Despite the Downturn: An Answer Album
Date: 2010-05-03
Style: Experimental, Avant-garde, Ambient

This is’s streaming-audio service. The interface immediately below will stream in sequence a series of tracks that I commissioned from the musicians. What they all have in common is that each is a response to — a non-verbal answer to — an article from the May 2010 issue of The Atlantic. The article, by an editor at the magazine, Megan McArdle, was titled “The Freeloaders.” It purported to assess the impact of file-sharing on the music industry, but it framed the argument in a manner that (in my mind) contributed little to the important ongoing discussion about the nature of copyright in the Internet Age; instead, it simplistically equated the “music industry” with the record industry, and pointed an accusatory finger. The article was accompanied by this beautiful illustration by Jeremy Traum. In a small irony, the illustration used to decorate the article interpolated a detail of a preexisting work that appears to not yet be in the public domain:

Since the purpose of this album is to respond musically to McArdle, I’ll now let the music speak for itself. Some contributors used the notes as a starting point, while others took the canvas as a picture to be interpreted:

1: “Adieu for Industry” by Sighup (aka Steve Hamann)
2: “StaffGrabbing” by C. Reider
3: “Discard” by Moldilox (aka Joseph Luster)
4: “Upend (Based On Traum)” by Mark Rushton
5: “Weight Mass Density” by NQ (aka Nils Quak)
6: “Atlantic Sickness (For Nomad Palace)” by He Can Jog (aka Erik Schoster)
7: “McArdle Minuet” by Tom Moody
8: “Freeloader’s Theme” by My Fun (aka Justin Hardison)
9: “Is It Theft?” by Jettatura (James Rotondi)
10: "That's a Traum! [Brontosaurus]" by Simon Lott and Beta Collide


Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Xela - Live at the Brattle Theater (with Ning Nong)

Xela - Live at the Brattle Theater (with Ning Nong) 

This set was recorded on 2nd May 2010 at the Brattle Theater in Cambridge, MA and documents a performance by Xela with Jim Siegel (aka Ning Nong) on percussion. Jim’s gong and cymbal drones and miscellaneous clanks were processed through John’s laptop and outboard effects and the results were piped through the PA. The set was captured by Adrian Montes (aka Noisevision) and then mastered by John Twells. This is not a soundboard recording, it’s live – warts ’n all.

Xela - Live at the Brattle Theater (with Ning Nong) by _type


Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Ten And Tracer - April Kids (Album) CD 2010

Ten And Tracer - April Kids
Label: I, Absentee
Catalog#: IA028
Format: CDr, Album
Country: US
Released: 04 Jan 2010
Genre: Electronic
Style: IDM, Downtempo, Ambient

Credits: Photography - Ten And Tracer
Recorded By, Written-By - Jonathan Canupp
Notes: This was originally announced as a CD EP for Spring 2003 release, as the second release from Tundra Music (TUNDRA002). However, the disc was delayed indefinitely and went unreleased. Seven years after, in this revised form, the project was put back together and released.

Written and recorded from 2000 to 2003 in Longmont, Colorado
Tracks 1 to 7 originally released as Electric Avenue (Chapter 7)
Photos by a young Ten And Tracer, circa 1988

1 Nez Perce 4:06
2 Kae Version Two 1:06
3 Supernumerary Arcs 3:31
4 Blaming Wind And Trees / Loves Repeat 0:38
5 Meet The Voice 4:11
6 Planet Education 1:07
7 Rainbows Burn The Stars 4:31
8 No Magic Martin (Cross Reprise) 3:35
9 Logan Five 3:57
10 Jessica Six 4:14
11 East Glacr Plart 4:04
12 Finalists 1:04

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[RM 439] Richard Chartier - A Field For Mixing (Album) CD 2010

Richard Chartier - A Field For Mixing
Label: Room40
Catalog#: RM439
Format: CD, Album
Country: Australia
Released: 20 Mar 2010
Genre: Electronic, Non-Music
Style: Field Recording, Minimal

Credits: Photography - Richard Chartier

1 Fields For Recording 1-8 48:30
2 A Desk For Mixing 22:00

Richard Chartier’s monochromatic aesthetic has come to define an audio culture surrounding minimalism. His craftsmanship, working predominately with sounds that exist at the edges of perception is a powerful, albeit subtle statement about notions of space and sound density.

With ‘A Field For Mixing’, Chartier brings the physicality of space directly into his compositional practise. Recording a variety of small and large spaces in countries from Australia through Japan and the USA, Chartier utilises the unique properties of these spaces to create a newly defined acoustic space – one that resonates with his characteristic treatments.

Dedicated to Steve Roden, the near 50 minute piece is an wholly engaging journey. It contracts and expands with a curious sense of depth that at times is utterly absorbing – drawing the listener deeper and deeper into the acoustic layers as one aspect is added and another withdrawn.

The second piece A Desk For Mixing (dedicated to William Basinski) is equally measured. Based on his site-specific installation work “Mixing Desk’ presented at the Montalvo Art Centre in 2006, this stereo rendering expands the themes on the installation into a gentle swelling ocean of post-ambiences and high frequency statics. Elegant and immersive.

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[BOX 001] MAN / Oneohtrix Point Never - KGB Nights / Blue Drive 2 x Cassette 2009

KGB MAN / Oneohtrix Point Never - KGB Nights / Blue Drive
Label: Catholic Tapes
Catalog#: BOX001
Format: 2 x Cassette, Limited Edition, C16 & C20
Country: US
Released: 2009
Genre: Electronic
Style: Drone, Experimental

Notes: Edition of 125 copies.
Tapes come packaged inside a 5 1/2 inch x 5 1/2 inch reel to reel cardboard box with 2 transparent inserts.

KGB Nights
A1 KGB MAN - Demerol 2:06
A2 KGB MAN - Tusk 386 3:35
A3 KGB MAN - Baltimore 1:59
B1 KGB MAN - KGB Nights 6:19
B2 KGB MAN - Ariana 1:22
Blue Drive
C Oneohtrix Point Never - Blue Drive 10:00
D Oneohtrix Point Never - Gray-Level Objects Describing Bio Layers 10:04

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[home n014] Chris Weisman & Greg Davis - Northern Songs (Album) CD 2010

Chris Weisman & Greg Davis - Northern Songs
Label: Home Normal
Catalog#: home n014
Format: CD, Album, Reissue, Limited Edition
Country: UK
Released: 02 Apr 2010
Genre: Electronic, Folk, World, & Country
Style: Experimental, Neofolk

Credits" Artwork By [Design] - Jeremy Bible
Artwork By [Drawings] - Ryan Storm
Performer, Written-By - Chris Weisman , Greg Davis
Notes: Recorded between November 2008 - March 2009 in Brattleboro & Burlington, VT.
Originally released as a tour only CDr in May 2009 (Autumn Records ar006).
Limited to 1000 copies.

1 New Americans 4:30
2 Christalline 5:26
3 Hat Of Night 3:05
4 Reading Road 2:43
5 It's All Too Much 7:07
Written-By - George Harrison
6 We Won't Survive 5:40
Clarinet - Ruth Garbus
7 The Nine Times 7:21
8 Steaming Bowl 1:39
9 Crystal Under Brattleboro 6:10

Northern Songs is the blissful sound of Chris Weisman leaving his body and dissolving into the universe; he sounds very free. Greg Davis (electronic music composer, fractal maker) helps the usually obsessive Chris (psychedelic four-tracker, music artist) surrender to the void. The falling away of self is quite literal: Chris recorded a batch of songs, then turned the tapes over to Greg without instructions for completion (there’s a special luxurious bath you get to take when you stop deciding). Rather than perfecting the material, Greg’s treatments make it radically and beautifully incomplete; the pop song is unmastered, its closed forms opened to nature (this music has no inside and no outside (this guitar solo sounds friendly and tall (these computer sounds are showing me the thing in the tree that makes it alive

You might’ve heard/there’s a crystal under Brattleboro. Yet Chris and Greg also know that radioactive tritium is leaking from the 40 underground pipes beneath the Vermont Yankee nuclear power plant. In this sense, their music is post-psychedelic: it is Vermont music of peace and patience, but it is not make-believe (the world is scary and darkening; it is also the home of love). We may dwell deeply in moments of imagination (and they are breathtaking) but the lesson is to listen beyond the rainbow space of the headphones (the world is forever changing (music in the expanded field (life is dispersed among the many things (2012 never knows (something gentle may happen
Carl Davulis

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[sp19cd, em02] Arbol & Fibla - Bu San (Album) CD 2009

Arbol & Fibla - Bu San
Label: spa.RK, Emilii Records
Catalog#: sp19cd, em02
Format: CD, Album
Country: Spain
Released: 11 Sep 2009
Genre: Electronic
Style: Ambient

Credits: Artwork By - Nanodoce
Artwork By [Inlay Pictures] - Jordi Azategui
Mastered By - Alex Psaroudakis
Mixed By - Fibla
Music By - Vicent Fibla* , Miguel Marín*
Piano, Glockenspiel, Dulcimer, Melodica - Miguel Marín*
Violin - Sara Fontán
Notes: Mixed at Msecam Studio
Mastered in a rainy day at the Hit Makers
Inlay pictures by Jordi Azategui. Sala Apolo, may 1st 2008
Una iniciativa de BAFF 2008, amb motiu del 10è aniversari de BAFF-FESTIVAL DE CINEMA ASIÀTIC DE BARCELONA
Comes as digipak.

1 Last Screening
2 How To Deliver A Red Bean Bun
3 There's Still Going To Be Trouble To Come
4 You Come To This Wilderness...
5 You've Lost What's Down Below
6 Quite Sure This Place Is Haunted
7 Start Again Again
8 At The Movie House
9 So Much Of The Past Lingers In Our Heads
10 No One Remember Us Anymore
11 The Last Dance (Can't Let Go)

Fibla (spa.RK) and Arbol (Emilii Records), perhaps two of the most important artists in Spanish electronica scene, present their common effort: the album "Bu San", a perfect blend of electronica, soundtrackism and neoclassica, originally inspired by the the almost silent movie of Taiwanese director Tsai Ming-Liang, “Goodbye, Dragon Inn”. Two years ago, on the occasion of the 10th anniversary of BAFF (Barcelona Asian Film Festival), Fibla and Arbol accepted the proposal to create a new soundtrack for the almost silent “Goodbye, Dragon Inn”, to be performed with a live screening of the movie. The show was successfully premiered in Barcelona Apolo on may 2008, and it has been performed in Seminci / Valladolid Film Festival, Territorios Digitales Sevilla, CaixaForum Madrid and SonarSound New York. “Bu san” is a love letter to an evanescent form of art that distills a very special form of magic. This album is not the live recording of the show but the studio recreation of that music, adapted to be a perfect home listening album that works perfectly without the movie pictures. Somehow, the warmth and the feeling of the live show are still there in a record that grows with each listen.

A perfect movie for which Fibla and Arbol have worked together creating an original soundtrack with the accompaniment of violinist Sara Pérez and where they used xylophones, percussion, laptop, ocarina, piano, glockenspiel and even a Chinese harp. Miguel Marín aka Arbol and Vicent Fibla shared the 50% of the composition in all the tracks, a four-hand work that incorporates elements of the two artists and heightens the possibilities of each one. Sara Pérez contributes with the nostalgia and melancholy of her violin to the final work where melodies are paired with synthetic rhodes and magnificient strings; the sound of an old projector lightens the loneliness of the characters in the movie; the omnipresent rain in Taiwanese weather is the perfect background for a not corresponded last dance…

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Monday, May 17, 2010

[moteer:: 016 CD] Yuri Lugovskoy - Yuri Lugovskoy (Album) CD 2010

Yuri Lugovskoy - Yuri Lugovskoy
Label: Moteer
Catalog#: moteer::016cd
Format: CDr, Album, Limited Edition
Country: UK
Released: 15 Apr 2010
Genre: Electronic
Style: Abstract, Drone, Minimal, Experimental, Ambient

Notes: Limited to 300 copies.
Packaged in gatefold, die-cut, hand-stamped, cardboard sleeve with insert.
Reviews & Discussion

1 Untitled
2 Untitled
3 Untitled
4 Untitled
5 Untitled
6 Untitled
7 Untitled
8 Untitled
9 Untitled
10 Untitled
11 Untitled

Ukranian electronic guru Yuri Lugovskoy arrives on Moteer with an enormously enjoyable collection of atmospheric, minimalist meditations, all very much evocative of the raw, experimental sound designs of early electronic music. Collecting eleven untitled compositions, this album revels in the organic pleasures of relatively simple, elegant signal processing. Using unusual loop structures, an array of warm, muted tones warbles amiably through Lugovskoy's work, at times suggesting some kind of technoid influence (as on the disco-next-door muffled funk of 'Untitled 05') while at others coming closer to old Radiophonic-style primitive soundscapes - never more impressively than on the steely oscillator morphing of 'Untitled 08'. There's also a bond with more 21st century concerns on show here: during something like 'Untitled 03' you might even find yourself reminded of Dan Abrams' Shuttle358 output, and the tone suddenly shifts towards more precise, lowercase experiments. Whichever way you turn there's sure to be something to please even the most probing pair of ears on this album. Recommended.

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[home n015] Tobias Hellkvist - Evolutions (Album) CD 2010

Tobias Hellkvist - Evolutions
Label: Home Normal
Catalog#: home n015
Format: CD, Album, Limited Edition
Country: UK
Released: 09 Apr 2010
Genre: Electronic
Style: Drone, Ambient
Credits: Artwork By - Anna Johansson
Artwork By [Design] - Jeremy Bible
Composed By, Performer, Producer - Tobias Hellkvist
Notes: Limited to 1000 copies. Digipak.

1 Fresh Start 6:25
2 Patience 7:00
3 Scars And Stripes 8:38
4 White Hole 3:10
5 Arms 6:47
6 The Ladder 12:01
7 Sore 9:55

Tobias Hellkvist is a multi-instrumentalist from Sweden. To date he has released two full-length albums, Evolutions being his third.

Whilst much of Tobias work has previously revolved around acoustic guitar elements, Evolutions takes us into denser minimalist textures. That isn’t to say the acoustic elements are absent from Tobias’s latest work, as the subtle use of guitar, zither, accordian and glockenspiel processing throughout the whole album shows. It’s simply that the acoustic elements in Evolutions are more subtly woven into the fabric of the beautiful dirge-like textures.

The Silent Ballet called Tobias ‘one of Sweden’s best kept secrets’. With two limited self-releases to his name, it’s not hard to see why. Tobias’s music is incredibly mature, deep and yet seems to carry an innocent soul with it at the same time. I think it’s probably this that caught me the most when I first heard Evolutions. It’s also very rare to hear such a talented musician, with a keen ear for dense drone structures, to lay open the acoustic elements, never processing them too much, if at all.

So how do I sum up such an album? Is it ambient? Is it drone? Is it folk? Well, truth be told its all of these and so much more. It’s a work of great patience, beauty and gentleness, the archetypal Home Normal release in many ways. With amazing artwork from the highly talented Anna Johansson, it’s an incredible work and a real honour for Home Normal to put out the first widely distributed album by such a talented artist. Let’s just hope he isn’t just one of Sweden’s ‘best kept secrets’ for too much longer.

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[IMPREC 288] Nadja - Thaumogenesis Bonus CD 2010

Nadja - Thaumogenesis
Label: Important Records (2), Important Records (2)
Catalog#: IMPREC273, IMPREC288
Format: 2 x Vinyl, LP, Limited Edition CD
Country: US
Released: 2010
Genre: Rock
Style: Post Rock, Shoegaze, Doom Metal, Experimental
Credits: Artwork By - Seldon Hunt
Bass - Leah Buckareff
Guitar, Drum Programming - Aidan Baker
Mastered By - Plotkin*
Notes: 1000 copies:
100 on Clear (A/B)/Gold (C/D)
100 on Purple
800 on Black
Includes a live CD of Nadja performing in an outdoor garden.

A Untitled
B Untitled
C Untitled
D ThaumoRemix
Remix - James Plotkin
1 Untitled
2 Untitled

Limited to 1000 copies. Double LP packaged in a gatefold LP jacket. Designed by Seldon Hunt.
Bonus D side of James Plotkins exlusive ThaumoRemix & all copies include an essential bonus CD of a live Nadja performance in an outdoor garden. First 300 copies on different colors of

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[home n016] Michael Santos - Memory Maker (Album) CD 2010

Michael Santos - Memory Maker
Label: Home Normal
Catalog#: home n016
Format: CD, Album, Limited Edition
Country: US
Released: 16 Apr 2010
Genre: Electronic
Style: Glitch, Drone, Ambient

Credits: Artwork By [Design] - Jeremy Bible
Mastered By - Jack Marchment
Photography - Ian Hawgood
Notes: Limited edition of 1000 copies.
Packaged in digipak cover.
Barcode and Other Identifiers
Barcode: (Text): 5 060195 510925

1 Alphaville 7:31
2 Cut Them Loose 10:30
3 Magenta Dayline 5:58
4 Let Go 1:55
5 Slowdance 10:59
6 Fauxity 0:56
7 Hollowing Out 7:13

Michael Santos is a London-based artist who has previously released on U-Cover, Benbecula and the excellent French label, Baskaru. I received the album just as I was about to go out into the Tokyo night for a bit of a photography session, and by this point was on my sixth demo of the day. I wasn’t in any great mood to listen to anything much by this point, I thought I’d give it a few days before paying attention to it. Well, turns out that just before I went out that night, I whacked it onto my ipod anyway, later realising that I had actually deleted everything else on there and was only left with the unmastered version of what was to become ‘Memory Maker’.

It’s a good thing too. As I was wandering around the neon-lit streets of Ikebukuro, the music felt like something of a revelation. The use of static and white-noise elements within drone works is nothing new, yet what struck me was his ability to integrate static and noise under the skin of these deeply melodic tones, imbuing the structures with far more depth than I am used to in the genre. Static is such a strong element in his work, The Wire no less, even described listening to Michael’s music as ‘being drunk in a beehive’. I suppose it’s not a bad assessment, so long as you are a very happy, blissful drunk and not too afraid of bees.

Yet apart from the sheer depth of the work of course, is the fact that through simple guitar and sine wave generation, ‘Memory Maker’ carves out something that is at once micro-elemental and yet really quite grandiose. From the first slow clicks that open the album with Alphaville, to the giant crescendo of Slowdance, ending with the beautiful thinly crusted melodies of Hollowing Out, it’s quite some journey. It’s about as beautiful and intelligently made ambient music as you are likely to find, a kind of urban soundtrack if you will. It’s work that certainly accentuated that nightly walk, and continues to be my Tokyo soundtrack today.

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[SUB-13] Nadja - Ruins Of Morning (Vinyl) 2010

Nadja - Ruins Of Morning
Label: Substantia Innominata
Catalog#: SUB-13
Format: Vinyl, 10", 33 ⅓ RPM, Limited Edition, Gold
Country: Germany
Released: 10 Apr 2010
Genre: Electronic, Rock
Style: Drone, Doom Metal, Experimental

Credits: Artwork By [Art Direction, Design] - Marcin Łojek
Bass, Vocals, Accordion - Leah Buckareff
Guitar, Vocals, Drums [Drum Machine], Melodica - Aidan Baker
Photography [Band] - Guylaine Bédard
Written-By, Performer - Nadja (5)
Notes: Recorded in Berlin July and August 2009
Limited to 500 copies.

A Ruins Of Morning I 21:09
B Ruins Of Morning II 19:49

RUINS OF MORNING shows NADJA in a very experimental & dark poetic mood. Their contribution for the "Substantia Innominata"-series (dealing with / drawing inspiration from the "Unknown", "Unnameable" or "Not-Knowable") comes in two long parts based around one musical theme that appears again and again (a great dark harmonic phrase moving through different levels through this epic track), linked by very beautiful drone-sections & more noisy outbursts. Song-orientation and a more experimental sound-art approach are thus combined perfectly. The phantastic lyrics from Aidan Baker point in a very poetic way to an utopian new morning where material values play no role anymore, but a new state of sensual being is settled in an almost
J.G.BALLARDian way, when perceptions of the environment (sky, lights, sun) and the beloved (eyes & skin) fall into one. Or is this a nocturnal boundless dream-phantasy? The wish / fear to return to mothers womb, a state where everything is one (one is all) again? These lyrics open up a scope of vague possible interpretations witch match up perfectly with the impressing music; a music that describes "The Unknown" in strong metaphors of surrealistic psychic states of being.
Experience the avantgardish drone-metal duo at their most dark & beautiful and on their very first 10" ! Edition of 500 copies on GOLDen vinyl, fantastic artwork by Marcin Lojek ( One track in two very long parts, playtime 40+ minutes!!

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[hb11] M. Ostermeier - Lakefront (Album) CD 2010

M. Ostermeier - Lakefront
Label: hibernate
Catalog#: hb11
Format: CD, Mini-Album, Limited Edition
Country: UK
Released: Mar 2010
Genre: Classical, Electronic
Style: Drone, Minimal, Ambient

Mastered By - Taylor Deupree
Photography [Cover] - David Sharpe
Photography, Artwork By [Design] - Jonathan Lees
Recorded By, Written-By - M. Ostermeier*
Notes: Written and recorded in 2009, Baltimore, USA.

Limited edition of 200 copies.
Packaged in a recycled PP case.
Also available as a digital download.
Barcode and Other Identifiers
Barcode: 5055300308962
Matrix Number: A19132K049 0036051

1 Window Frost 2:25
2 Lakefront 4:26
3 Recollection 1:57
4 Overtone 3:55
5 Competing Memories, Both Correct 6:25
6 Lost Weekend 4:52
7 Lost Weekend, Revisionist History 5:01

M. Ostermeier’s recent solo debut Percolate (Parvoart, Jan 2010) featured fragile Rhodes and acoustic piano melodies atop minimal downtempo electronics and Labradford-esque guitar tones. Here on the seven-track mini-album Lakefront, the skeletal acoustic piano remains, but the minimal beats have evaporated and we are left with something more organic, more haunting. Harold Budd is still an apt reference for the piano fragments, but the infusion of acoustic recordings and darker guitar and electronics bring to mind Deaf Center and Library Tapes. The melancholic mood that builds throughout Lakefront evokes feelings of nostalgia and regret. One theme present in Marc’s mind as he was writing these pieces

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[OKTAF 001] Jules - Yara Remastered (Album) CD 2009

Marsen Jules - Yara Remastered
Label: Oktaf
Catalog#: OKTAF001
Format: CD, Album, Remastered
Country: Europe
Released: 2009
Genre: Electronic
Style: Modern Classical, Experimental, Ambient

Credits: Harp [Fragments] - Meike Rath
Mastered By - Björn Scheuermann
Written-By, Producer - Martin Juhls
Notes: All acoustic material taken from a concert of Yara at club Cosmotopia, Dortmund, Germany.

1 Yara 01 6:26
2 Yara 02 6:01
3 Yara 03 5:03
4 Yara 04 7:31
5 Yara 05 6:06
6 Yara 06 10:11
7 Harfenklang 4:21
8 Yara Variation 15:07

Marsen Jules' outstanding slice of contemporary classical music, Yara, has been finally issued by the Oktaf label, complete with two bonus tracks that add nearly twenty-minutes of new music. As established fans of this artist's work will already know, Jules (real name Martin Juhls) has forged a creative path through dissecting classical music and reshaping it in a Arvo Part-inspired, looping, minimalist fashion. All the original acoustic recordings used for this album come from the classical trio, Yara, with harp performances by Meike Rath, and despite being heavily manipulated and sliced into loop-shaped fragments, there's a very in-the-room live feel to this record. This manifests itself prominently on the bonus cut 'Harfenklang' through the intimacy of the piece's short, reflective reverb - lending a sense of perspective on the harp sounds - but over the course of the main album, Juhls' focus seems to slowly disintegrate and disperse into the auditorium: from 'Yara 4' through to 'Yara 6' you'll hear the strings, piano and harp starting to vapourise. This ethereal tone is reprised on the closing fifteen-minute 'Yara Variation', which layers the ambience of the performance venue with recordings of crowds and percussive, bell-like sounds. On this piece the string instruments arc and soar from the low-level babble of the space, bringing a miasmic, fluid quality to the composition that obscures the joins in the loops. There's a faded, distant beauty to these recordings that sets it apart from much of what passes for modern classical music these days. Lovely.

Listen via soundcloud
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[TYPE 060] Indignant Senility - Plays Wagner (Album) CD 2010

Indignant Senility - Plays Wagner
Label: Type Records
Catalog#: TYPE060
Format: CD
Country: UK
Released: Apr 2010
Genre: Electronic
Style: Dark Ambient

1 Untitled 1 5:04
2 Untitled 2 6:01
3 Untitled 3 6:24
4 Untitled 4 7:43
5 Untitled 5 5:33
6 Untitled 6 9:55
7 Untitled 7 4:09
8 Untitled 8 8:17
9 Untitled 9 2:28
10 Untitled 10 13:36
11 Untitled 11 8:37

Pat Maherr might not be a name familiar to a lot of music buyers, but those in the know will probably already be salivating at the promise of a new release. Under a plethora of names he has hand-crafted some of the most beguiling sounds we’ve heard in the last few years – chopped and screwed hip hop as DJ Yo-Yo Dieting, lo-fi noise as Sisprum Vish, sample-heavy musique concrete as Moms Who Chop and cask-strength industrial ambience as here, under the Indignant Senility moniker.

‘Plays Wagner’ appeared as a very limited cassette on Maherr’s own label last year, but as soon as it landed at the Type offices we knew it needed to reach more ears. Using a handful of dusty Wagner pieces (no doubt scored from one of Portland, Oregon’s many thrift stores), he has stretched and distorted the hallowed tones into something indescribably dark and beautiful. Like David Lynch’s peerless Eraserhead soundtrack before it, this is music that sounds as if you are being dragged through rusted pipes and hearing the distant swell of broken gramophones playing in unison. Maherr has created music that is at all times exquisite but deeply disturbing. Like Leyland Kirby or even William Basinski, there is a sense of harmony, nostalgia and restraint in the layers of hiss, grit and noise.

It is only very rarely you hear something as pure and enveloping as ‘Plays Wagner’, and we are proud to be able to bring this to the wider world. Having mastered this from cassette tape, we have retained all the decomposing grime experienced on the original version (which was dubbed to aging, heavily used C90 cassettes), but have beefed it up for public consumption. The best way to absorb an album like this is to place the needle and simply slip away into a deep, nightmarish slumber. Just keep your eye on the radiator, who knows what might happen.

Listen via soundcloud
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[Conch 006] Ian D Hawgood - Tents And Hills (Album) CD 2010

Ian D Hawgood - Tents And Hills
Label: Humming Conch
Catalog#: Conch 006
Format: CD, Album, Limited Edition
Country: Germany
Released: 01 Mar 2010
Genre: Electronic
Style: Abstract, Drone, Ambient

Credits: Artwork By [Illustrated By] - Kati Meden
Written-By, Producer - Ian D Hawgood
Notes: Written and produced in 2007.
Tracks 1–4 were written in October 2007.
Tracks 5–8 were written in May and June of 2008.
Tracks 1–4 released as free mp3-download in March 2008.

Limited to 250 copies.
Packaged in clear vinyl sleeve with folded insert.

1 October 6:52
2 No Clouds 4:54
3 Wake Up Mountain 2:40
4 Parasol 4:32
5 Foothills 4:50
6 Happy Alone 6:54
7 Curvy Borders 11:02
8 Inland River Valley 9:12

Aah, yes. A new Ian Hawgood work. Marvellous! I’m lucky enough to have had these tracks for quite some time and I’m dead pleased to see them finally being released. Although in its original form this was an EP, here we have a considerably expanded version with 8 full sounding and luscious tracks. Built around Ian’s penchant for gentle, pastoral soundscapes, this nonetheless features a super rhythmic interlude half way through that slots wonderfully in amongst the ambient works. Lovely textures expand and contract, morphing and flowing with the deftest of organic touches – you’re never anything but completely aware there’s a naturalistic side to the artist even though the electronic processing is a tangible force in his music. Moments like the incredible ‘Curvy Borders’ are nothing short of stunning and showcase Ian’s grasp of freeform structure and musicality, whilst the more subtle and delicate pieces really serve to create a hypnotically charming flavour. This is yet another prime example of why his music is held in such high regard. Don’t miss this if you’re a fan because it really is quite gorgeous. Highly recommended.

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