Sunday, October 10, 2010

[DIGIV 025] Brother Raven - VSS-30 Vinyl (LP) 2010

Brother Raven - VSS-30
Label: Digitalis Recordings
Catalog#: DIGIV025
Format: Vinyl, LP, Album, Limited Edition
Country: US
Released: Aug 2010
Genre: Electronic
Style: Space Rock, Ambient
Credits: Artwork By - BR
Mastered By - JEA*
Performer - Jamie Potter , Jason E. Anderson

A1 Space
A2 Megaton
A3 Cartoon Life
A4 Symbols
B1 Sentinel
B2 Cold Nothingness
B3 Whirlwind/Hyperdrive
B4 Sea Breeze II: The Final Battle

The outer limits of contemporary kosmiche and experimental synth music continue to be explored with a screen printed and hugely limited transmission from Seattle's hotly tipped Brother Raven. As a rite of passage, they've already released a handful of cassettes on local imprint Gift Tapes and the ace Taped Sounds outlet (home to Oneohtrix Point Never, Uton, and James Ferraro among others), before dropping these two sides of "space music with the positive-vibe ambiance of early new age". They also cite Inuit mythology and time travel among their influences, with slightly more discernable traits inherited from the early '80s synth music of J.D. Emmanuel. The duo of Jamie Potter and Jason E Anderson have a charmingly naive sound, wandering through an array of Multi and Micro Moogs, Polysynths and Yamaha keyboards recorded to tape, with the slightly unusual addition of a Roland SH-101 and SH-1, which we'd assume are responsible for the interjections of fragile proto-techno pulses which crop up in between their freeform strokes. Overall, the effect of 'VSS-30' is like progressing through an early 8-bit commodore game, eager to progress towards the next level, but happy to vibe off the dayglo graphics and sounds. The recording to tape adds that unmistakable analogue warmth that makes this one of the finer records of its kind to hit our racks this year. Limited to 150 copies and highly recommended to fans of KFW, OPN or Skaters.

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[ATAK 014] Mika Vainio - STATION 15, ROOM 3.064 Parts 1-5 CD 2010

Mika Vainio - STATION 15, ROOM 3.064 Parts 1-5
Label: Atak
Catalog#: ATAK014
Format: CD, Limited Edition
Country: Japan
Released: 18 Jun 2010
Genre: Electronic
Style: Glitch, Minimal, Experimental
Notes: Limited to 364 copies only

1 “Station 15, Room 3.064″ Part 1 18:29
2 “Station 15, Room 3.064″ Part 2 8:20
3 “Station 15, Room 3.064″ Part 3 8:57
4 “Station 15, Room 3.064″ Part 4 8:00
5 “Station 15, Room 3.064″ Part 5 11:14

Ennio Vai Pan sonic in this work ATAK central figure in Mika's second solo album from the unique work that has been produced by equipment brought into the hospital with leg injury during hospitalization. This work was made behind closed doors in the hospital also said the ultimate finish has become a unique work which makes it become a fully open his musical orientation as a result. This work initially, ATAK was released in October 2009 as the first piece of data Daunrodoonri. It is considered appropriate for this work from a purpose built motel distribution form that is downloaded to be delivered behind closed doors and not through the intermediary of the listener directly into the private work is what made behind closed doors of the room. At the same time, the relationship between music and media always / ATAK to explore the possibility that the CD was also trying to stir the media saying that the status quo.  Ennio Japan tour when Michael was in Weimar and in March 2010, only 364 copies of his CD named after the album was released only as the handwriting was on the board that the only clear case thoroughly transparent CD Release The big topic was called extremely limited distribution method and a simple format, CD has become a symbol of transition to work from the data.

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