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[AS 007] Mist - Glowing Net LP 2010

Mist - Glowing Net
Label: Amethyst Sunset
Catalog#: AS007
Format: Vinyl, LP, Limited Edition
Country: US
Released: 2010
Genre: Electronic
Style: Abstract, Drone

Limited edition of 500 copies on black vinyl

A1 A.M.
A2 Sky High
A3 Mist Stream
B1 Soaring Yellow / Glowing Net
B2 Mist Refrain

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*Emeralds' John Elliot and Radio People's Sam Goldberg on a killer, dense and tripped out synth adventure - already sold out at source* Sam Goldberg (Radio People) and John Elliott (Emeralds/Imaginary Softwoods) embark on their latest vision quest as Mist with a dazzling album of untethered interzonal synth exploration. 'Glowing Net' previously appeared as a cassette on Goldberg's Pizza Night label but it's clearly one of those sessions that just had to end up on wax, ready to soundtrack the light show behind your eyelids. 'Glowing Net' takes the sounds of their previous 'Mist' LP one step further, affording a 360º panoramic view of totally classic sci-fi soundscapes. From the outset of 'A.M.' there's a sure adjustment of reverb settings, expanding their sound to the peripheries of perception and allowing glimpses of previously unseen/heard galactic disturbances deep in the distance. The effect carries into 'Sky High' where a deceptively mixed distant clang more than once made us think some workmen were repairing a shuttle outside the office, itself creating a magically transcendent space enhanced by the flurry of chromatic synth shapes. From the dominant, titanic emotions of 'Mist Stream' onwards, the other side encounters the vast shapes of 'Soaring Yellow/Glowing Net' and the breathtaking, near-symphonic scenery of 'Mist Refrain', both as close as you'll get to a contemporary equivalent of classic '70s/'80s sci-fi soundtracks. The effect of all this is surely enhanced by the remastering for vinyl by James Plotkin and a vinyl lacquer cut at Berlin's alchemical D&M. Highly recommended indeed.


Friday, January 21, 2011

[MNC 007] Okamotonoriaki - Telescope (Album) CD 2010

Okamotonoriaki - Telescope
Label: mu-nest
Catalog#: MNC007
Format: CD, Album, Limited Edition
Country: Japan
Released: 12 Aug 2010
Genre: Electronic
Style: IDM, Downtempo, Ambient

Each CD of this 400-copies-only, limited edition release comes hand-numbered
individually, with the first 100 copies a special CD+DVD release with 3 exclusive
videos of 3 album tracks, directed by 3 visionary directors that includes Noriaki himself.
Comes in a 4-sided digisleeve.

1 Island 4:00
2 Rem 2:45
3 Recorder 6:12
4 Lighthouse 4:52
5 Mauna Kea 4:09
6 Polynesia 4:05
7 Wyburn 3:44
8 Polar 4:10
9 Wandering 4:00
10 Home 7:02

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Imagine. The amber shades of a sunset, blending seamlessly into the bluish horizons. The serene star-filled night sky that follows and covers the bustling city streets beneath it, breathing its pulse, its voices, its ever-moving sounds of life, flashing coats of colours, dimming lights, entwined lovers and quiet solitudes. Imagine. The shuffling leaves as they wave upon the edge of a branch just outside a window. The zephyr that glides across patterned curtain tails, bringing the coloured air of the ever shifting seasons: the red of springs, the green of summers, the amber of autumns and the white of winter.

It is with thus imaginations, our imaginations, that Okamoto Noriaki's debut album Telescope welcomes us to his cinematic sonic world, an imagery-filled, delicately sound-driven, pop-infused electronica soundtrack of at once the familiar and the foreign, dreams and realities, memories and present joys.

Here is an electro-pop musical-picturesque of intricate, weaving piano melodies, soul-tripping drum and electro sound beats, with warm synths of near ethereal beauty, sampled voices of stilled wonders and airy vocals of etched realizations, written, performed and produced by Noriaki himself and mastered by the venerated Tokyo mastering engineer Naph, whose previous collaborations include renowned artists like World End’s Girlfriend and aus.

Telescope is like listening and watching gentle, broad, delicate, bold, determined and graceful brushstrokes coming together to form a magical electro beat-tripping, lyrical piano-filled, warm synth-painted sonic film that depicts the very colours of both our firm realities and dream-filled ponderings.

A well-established and awarded talent, Tokyo audio-visual artist okamotonoriaki brings forth a musical visual-scape in the vein of celebrated electronica mastery and sensitivity that breathes the essence of what music is made for: to move us.

Each CD of this 400-copies-only, limited edition release comes hand-numbered individually, with the first 100 copies a special CD+DVD release with 3 exclusive videos of 3 album tracks, directed by 3 visionary directors that includes Noriaki himself.


[HAM 004::HAM004-R] Green Kingdom, The - Prismatic + Prismatic Remixes (Album) 2CD 2010

Green Kingdom, The - Prismatic + Prismatic Remixes
Label: Home Assembly Music, Home Assembly Music
Catalog#: HAM004, HAM004-R
Format: CD, Album, Digipak, CD, Album, Limited Edition, Cardsleeve
Country: UK
Released: 06 Sep 2010
Genre: Electronic
Style: Downtempo, Neofolk

Design, Layout - Barrie Cummings
Mastered By - Taylor Deupree
Producer - Michael Cottone
Written-By, Performer, Photography - Michael Cottone
Initial copies of Prismatic come with a bonus disc of remixes.

Prismatic (HAM004)
1-1 Bonfire (Intro) 3:16
1-2 Bells And Thoughts 3:47
1-3 Claude's Ghost 7:27
1-4 Radiance Reflected 4:31
1-5 The Largest Creature That Has Ever Existed 5:01
1-6 Woven 3:01
1-7 Wetlands 5:01
1-8 Thoughts And Bells (3:07AM Dub) 3:38
1-9 Bonfire (Tec) 6:06
1-10 A Prayer 3:39
Prismatic Remixes (HAM004-R)
2-1 Claude's Ghost (INSECTO Remix) 6:40
Remix - INSECTO (2)
2-2 A Prayer (H.A.M. Remix) 6:06
Remix - H.A.M.
2-3 Thoughts And Bells (3:07AM Dub) (Fieldhead Remix) 3:19
Remix - Fieldhead
2-4 Bongire (Intro) (Inch-Time Remix) 5:41
Remix - Inch-Time
2-5 Bonfire (Tec) (Yuri Lugovskoy Remix) 3:22
Remix - Yuri Lugovskoy
2-6 The Largest Creature That Has Ever Existed (Northerner Remix) 5:41
Remix - Northerner
2-7 Bells And Thoughts (Part Timer Remix) 3:28
Remix - Part Timer
2-8 Radiance Reflected (The Boats Remix) 5:26
Remix - Boats, The
2-9 Woven (The Declining Winter Remix) 5:59
Remix - Declining Winter, The
2-10 Wetlands (Bvdub's Crossing Changxi Mix) 13:19
Remix - bvdub

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This latest edition from the Home Assembly camp is a double-disc affair, packaging the new album by The Green Kingdom (aka Michigan's Michael Cottone) with a bonus remix CD, featuring contributions from the likes of The Boats, The Declining Winter, Part-Timer, Northerner, Inch-Time and Bvdub. Mastered by Taylor Deupree, Prismatic invites plenty more comparisons with the 12k label's discerning microsound agenda, presenting whirled electroacoustics and quiet, melodious drones across forty-five wonderful minutes. It's easy to get bored of this sort of sound nowadays - the sheer volume of material like this coming our way at the moment is just staggering - but while it's playing, Prismatic feels like the only micro-ambient record you need ever hear. It's an unwaveringly lovely piece of work, produced to the highest standards, and it really doesn't matter that you've probably heard these sorts of crackly, tuneful laptop tones and processed bell chimes several times before, The Green Kingdom manages to make this stuff sound like fertile territory, at least for a little while. 'Claude's Ghost', 'Wetlands' and 'Bonfire [Tec]' are all especially good, each getting that all-important balance between harmony and texture just right. The hour-long, ten-track remix collection serves as a great bonus too, with particular highlights coming from the Burial-esque Northerner take on 'The Largest Creature That Has Ever Lived' and 'The Declining Winter's violin-laced take on 'Woven'.

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Non-Event 2010 podcast episode 1.2.3

Non-Event 2010 podcast episode 1.
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The first in a series of special year-in-review podcasts featuring music (including unreleased and rare material) by artists who performed at Non-Event concerts in 2010.


Intro: Black to Comm "Musik für Alle" Alphabet 1968 (Type)
1 Reuben Son, "Rough Graft 1" Unreleased 2010
2 Jason Lescalleet, "Fantasy and Electricity" Fantasy and Electricity/Dictaphone Music (Kye) 7"
3 Byetone, "Rocky (Alva Noto mix)" Document #1 (Raster-Noton) Book + CD
4 Taylor Deupree, "Rusted Oak" Shoals (12k) CD
5 Xela, "Cemetery Mane" Dunwich Dreams (forthcoming) 7"
6 Brendan Murray, "Smashing Umbrellas in the Rain" Unreleased
7 Felix Kubin, "Uncanny Valley" Echohaus (Dekorder) CD
8 Skinny Vinny, "Live at Aphodium, Portland, ME 10/10/10" Unreleased
9 Michael T. Bullock, "Figure C" Figures without Ground (Razors and Medicine) forthcoming Cassette
10 Lawrence English, "Stillness in Motion" The Colour of Autumn (12k) CD
11 Paul & Maurey, "Summertime" Satellite (Wagtail) Cassette 


Non-Event 2010 Podcast Episode 2


Intro: Black to Comm "Musik für Alle" Alphabet 1968 (Type)
1 Thomas Köner, "Vasabron, Stockholm" La Barca 2LP version only
2 Retribution Body, "Home-Leaving" Hermits (self-released) mp3
3 Jessica Rylan, "Phantasia" Interior Designs (Important) CD
4 The Friction Brothers, "Live at 381 Congress Street 06/22/10" Unreleased (Non-Event) mp3
5 Linda Aubry Bullock, "Episodic 1 (excerpt)" Episodic1 (Shadowselves, forthcoming) DVD
6 Aoki Takamasa, "RN4-09 (short version)" RN-Rhythm Variations (Raster-Noton) 12"
7 Limpe Fuchs, Christoph Heemann, Steve Stapleton, "Traum Ohne Ende (Live 2007)" Unreleased
8 Ernst Karel & Annette Krebs, "Falter 2 (excerpt)" Falter 1-5 (Cathnor) CD
9 Forbes Graham, "Untanzon" Unreleased mp3
10 Lordshyp (Blevin Blectum + Alex Dupuis), "Live at Paint it Pink 06/09/10" Unreleased mp3
11 Goodiepal, "Chupa Chups" Mort Aux Vaches CD (Staalplaat) CD


Non-Event 2010 Podcast Episode 3


Intro: Black to Comm "Musik für Alle" Alphabet 1968 (Type)
1 Keith Fullerton Whitman, "Issue Generator (for Eliane Radigue) (edit)" Issue Generator (No) Forthcoming LP
2 Bonnie Jones + Andrea Neumann, "Live at the Goethe-Institut Boston, September 2010 Non-Event (edit)" Unreleased mp3
3 NHKyx (Kouhei Matsunaga), "3 tribes called quest" Unreleased mp3
4 Birgit Ulher's Trumpet Trio, "Live at the Goethe-Institut Boston, February 2010 Non-Event" Unreleased mp3
5 Ignaz Schick / Dawid Szczesny, "Four" The View Underneath (Non-Visual Objects) CD
6 Mutation in the Gryd, "Spoiled Spectra" Void Forest (Semata Productions) Cassette
7 Svarte Greiner, "Expy (Live on Resonance FM, November 2010)" Unreleased mp3
8 Stillbirth, "The View Untangled Finale F" Stillbirth?Prurient (Semata Productions) 7"
9 Keith Rowe, "Extremely" Harsh (Erstwhile) CD
10 Jeff Barsky, "Slow Pulse" Unreleased mp3
11 Black to Comm, "Houdini Rites" Alphabet 1968 (Type) Cassette
12 Ophibre, "The Crystal Dulcimer Pt. 1 (excerpt)" The Crystal Dulcimer (Sacred Phrases) Cassette
12 Jakob Ummel & the Jodlerklub of Thun, "Alpuafzug (Switzerland, ca. 1930)" (Switzerland, ca. 1930) 78


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[cz 005] Mika Vainio - It's A Muthang (Vinyl) 2010

Mika Vainio - It's A Muthang
Label: Comfortzone
Catalog#: cz005
Format: Vinyl, 7", 45 RPM
Country: Austria
Released: 2010
Genre: Electronic
Style: Experimental
Artwork By [Grafik] - Susi Klocker
Mastered By - Martin Siewert

A It's A Muthang
B Midnight Mutant

KILLER darkwave experiments from Mika Vainio!!! We've no idea what prompted this release, but Vainio has gone and made a pair of post-industrial dancefloor wreckers that must rank in amongst his most approachable and devastating material. it's well documented that Mika's got a thing for Suicide and their ilk so perhaps this material shouldnt come as too much of a surprise, but on the A-side we get a dry and heavy drum machine driven opening that splits into a hard head-nodders rhythm with an oozing black bulk of modulated synth pressure building with intensity like 'Pan Finale' from the the last Pan Sonic album. On the flip it's 'Midnight Mutant', hewing a brittle machine rhythm and spectral melody from his mountain of hardware, finished with a raw yet lacquered execution. Seriously, just check the samples, essential purchase!

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