Tuesday, May 31, 2011

[Cotton Goods 003 EP] Scissors And Sellotape – Scissors And Sellotape EP CDr 2009

Scissors And Sellotape – Scissors And Sellotape EP
Label: Cotton Goods
Catalog#: 003 EP
Format: CDr, Mini, EP, Limited Edition
Country: UK
Released: Dec 2009
Genre: Electronic
Style: Glitch, Experimental, Ambient

Limited to 100 copies.
Handmade packaging with hardback book covers inside a card envelope pressed with the Cotton Goods logo.
Each case is unique and individually numbered.

1 Untitled 1:49
2 Untitled 3:10
3 Untitled 1:40
4 Untitled 2:55
5 Untitled 2:11
6 Untitled 3:58
7 Untitled 2:03
8 Untitled 2:31

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*LIMITED TO 100 INDIVIDUALLY NUMBERED AND HAND-PACKAGED COPIES FOR THE WORLD* The latest Cotton Goods release arrives in typically mysterious and anonymous looking fashion, revealing only a catalogue number and the words "Scissors And Sellotape", which sounds suitably like a summary of how the release was put together - both in terms of its packaging and the music itself, which is typically delicate and homespun; a bit like a school arts and crafts project. Actually, Scissors And Sellotape is the artist name, and it's the latest alias of John McCaffrey, aka Part Timer, whose work has previously appeared on Moteer, Mobeer, Flau and various self-releases. Here the beautiful music draws on sounds from gamelan-style metallophone percussion, location recordings, tape noise and haunting instrumental fragments, all cut into shape and stuck back together in new song-shaped forms. Divided into eight 'Chapters' over twenty minutes, these collages are cradled in hiss and glitch-like pops and crackles where the cuts are made. The unbuffed edges only enhance the earthy texture, and this approach reaches the height of its powers and effectiveness by 'Chapter 4', whose downtrodden piano and clicking, pattering beats make for a sublime combination, very much in the vein of the Remote Viewer's most enduring works. The emphasis on drum patterns and melodic progression becomes all the stronger during the wonderful 'Chapter 6' and 'Chapter 7', but the slightly more abstract, textural tracks that surround them really underline the sense of sonic dislocation and archive-trawling from which these compositions originated. Lovely and enigmatic as ever, this latest bespoke Cotton Goods release comes in the usual print run of 100 copies, so no snoozing...


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