Wednesday, October 19, 2011

[AC 48 CD] Matthew Herbert - One Pig CD (Album) 2011

Matthew Herbert - One Pig
Label: Accidental – AC48CD
Format: CD, Album
Country: UK
Released:  Oct 2011
Genre: Electronic
Style: Leftfield, Abstract, Field Recording, Experimental

August 2009  
August 2010  
May 2011
Innovative electronic conceptualist Matthew Herbert has focussed on the life cycle and death of a pig for his latest album. In accordance with his Personal Contract for the Composition of Music, all the sounds in the album are sampled from field recordings of a single, family-farm raised pig which he followed from its birth through to the butchery process (unfortunately, for the concept's sake, he wasn't allowed to record the slaughter). Notoriously, the project was condemned by PETA before he'd even started arranging the sounds, but we can confirm to any animal lovers that he's been entirely respectful of the one pig and commemorated it's life in a way which we'd imagine will make other pigs quite jealous. Starting in 'August 2009' we follow the pig through it's 26 weeks on earth (industrially reared pigs only get 20 weeks) over the course of the next seven tracks/months, with two further pieces from later dates. The tracks take form as curiously textured pieces of concrete manipulations and more rhythm-driven jaunts, jarring some fairly shocking grunts and piggish exclamations against ghostly pads and clanking percussions resembling some form of abstract but oddly emotive narrative. For further reading check his blog documentation of the process for Matthew's unsentimental and politicised thinking behind the project.  

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