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[ZORN 14] J.D. Emmanuel – Trance-Formations I: Ancient Minimal Meditations (1986) Vinyl 2011

J.D. Emmanuel – Trance-Formations I: Ancient Minimal Meditations
Label: Aguirre Records – ZORN14, North Star Productions – NSP-2004
Format: Vinyl, LP, Limited Edition
Country: Belgium
Released: 18 May 2011
Genre: Electronic
Style: Minimal, Ambient
Composed By, Performer, Recorded By, Photography By – J.D. Emmanuel*
Recorded between 1981-1985.

A1 Part I: Morning Worship 5:26
A2 Part II: Midday Attunement 12:33
B1 Part III: Evening Devotional 7:12
B2 Part IV: Midnight Meditation 10:27

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**Limited edition of 400. 160g vinyl housed in full colour thick card sleeve** A gorgeous, forgotten classic of new age synth introspection from '81-'85 excavated and reissued by Belgium's Aguirre imprint - home to the similarly reclined Lieven Martens. 'Trance-Formations I: Ancient Minimal Meditations' revolves around a conceptual cycle following the course of the day. Inevitably it starts at 'Morning Worship', brewing slow rhythmic patterns which radiate shimmering melodies, before the strolling pulses of 'Midday Attunement' meander under woozy, modulating tones seductively swirling in stereo formation. If that sounds a bit similar to lots of other synth music of the era, it's because it is, but there's an attuned grace and and deliciously squashed vibe individual to his sound here. However, matters become much more engrossing and distinguished on the other side. On 'Evening Devotional' a gurgling mass of tones beautifully bends just in-and-out of focus as melancholy keys gently ascend and descend, enveloping our ears in a molten Sequential Circuits Pro-One goop, and 'Midnight Meditation' sustains a lingering, quietly plangent resonance into the depths of the night. "Somewhere hidden in the deepest part of the Self is that special place where One can go within to the most ancient part of one's Self and connect with the origin of Self. Ancient Minimal Meditations reaches into that special place of creation of the Self and its Oneness with the Creator of All."

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