Monday, January 16, 2012

[SCH 079, DUCD02] Phoenecia – Demissions CD (Album) 2011

Phoenecia – Demissions
Label: Schematic – SCH079, Detroit Underground – DUCD02
Format: CD, Album
Country: US
Released: 14 Jun 2011
Genre: Electronic
Style: Dub, IDM, Experimental, Ambient

Copyright (c) – Schematic Music Company
Published By – Light Of Man
Design – Josh Kay*
Mastered By [Uncredited] – Dietrich Schoeneman*
Recorded By – Josh Kay*, Romulo Del Castillo

1 Two-Part Invention For Bodhran & Computer 12:29
2 Nostrum Remedium 8:51
3 Frendano  4:49
    Tabla, Vocals – Fernando Subirats  
4 Seba 5:48
5 Dogness 5:11
6 Aunt Alice 6:11
7 Gesundheit 8:54
8 IV Port 4:31
9 Mushroom Cloud Over Miami 5:54
10 Livelihoods 10:31
*The long-awaited return of Warp luminaries and intricate electronic pioneers - Phoenecia.* Phoenicia, or Joshua Kay and Romulo Del Castillo (fka Soul Oddity) present their long-awaited new album with the hollowed, abstract electro-acoustic rhythm architecture of 'Demissions'. The complexities of 'Two-Part Invention For Bodhran & Computer' open proceedings with dynamic manipulations of classic gaelic percussion acrobatically twisting for over 12 minutes like some extended Autechre exercise in hyperspace. Further in they work with percussionist Fernando Subirats on 'Frendano', a moodier piece working on down-stroked polyrhythms and sheer, angular electronics like one of Burnt Friedman's secret rhythms from the future. They're equally adept at the beatless stuff, too. 'Gesundheit' displays a darkly emotive feel for symphonic arrangement, as does their re-interpretation of Kettel's 'Dogan', called 'Dogness', but their malleable approach to beat processing is their best attribute, from the elasticated electrons of 'IV Port' and the bombastic Hip Hop movement of 'Mushroom Cloud Over Miami' to the intricate, frenetic syncopation of 'Livlihoods', destined to leave the most demanding beat freaks twitching in their computer chair. Good to have them back.

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