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[OSI 007] The Boats - The Ballad Of The Eagle CD (Album) 2011

Boats, The – The Ballad Of The Eagle
Label: Our Small Ideas – OSI007
Format: CD, Album, Limited Edition
Country: UK
Released: 2011
Genre: Classical, Electronic
Style: Modern Classical, Ambient

Banjo – Joseph Borreson
Cello, Saw – Danny Norbury
Electronics, Performer [Acoustics], Tape, Effects – Boats, The
Voice – Yasuhiko Fukuzono
This is for the ones we love.
OSI007 A Boats Achievements Book
There are now over 220 Boats titles covering a wide range of subjects and listening ages.
Comes in a handmade and hand-stamped cardboard envelope, and inside the CD in a slipcase.

1 Invisible Orchestras 3:27
2 Dusty Rooms 3:42
3 If I May Trespass On Your Patience 2:18
4 Omissions For You To Fill In 5:13
5 I Can't Read Your Morse Code Heartbeat 4:04
6 I'm Not A Pessimist, I'm Sad 2:21
7 Chance Meetings At Train Stations 5:04
8 Great Intentions 5:13
9 The Days We Didn't Spend 3:37
Perfectly poised for autumnal gratification, The Boats present their first new material in a while with new album 'The Ballad Of The Eagle'. They're still a trio - Andrew Hargreaves, Craig Tattersall and Danny Norbury - and ever refining their craft to a sort of ritual somnambulant magic. For this outing they're also augmented by two special contributions, Yasuhiko Fukuzono's vocals and Joseph Borreson's Banjo, expanding their palette of electronic and acoustic instrumentation to a (very) small orchestra's worth of rich and supernaturally spatialised tones. Travelling through the album, that comforting sense of deepest blue melancholia is omnipresent, but quite often slips beyond their usual boundaries into out-and-out darkness. This mood sets the tone of opener 'Invisible Orchestras' until a swooning cello resolution and the spirit-raising machine-tooled miniature 'Dusty Rooms'. Here on in we oscillate gently between tape-hiss enigmas 'If I May Trespass On Your Patience', to quietly breathtaking, noirish drone-pop 'Omissions For You To Fill In' with sterling vocal input from Yasuhiko and Danny Norbury's Cello to the album centrepiece 'I Can't Read Your Morse Code Heartbeat', a seductively dark piece of keys and sanguine strings swaddled by electro-acoustic pulse patterns. The second half is signalled by the matter-of-fact bleakness of 'I'm Not A Pessimist, I'm Sad', and one of their most beautiful radiophonic techno pieces 'Chance Meeting At Train Stations', concluding with the warbling, edge-of-disintegration keys, drawn strings and tape hiss in 'The Days We Didn't Spend'.

The Boats - The Ballad Of The Eagle - I Can't Read Your Morse Code Heartbeat (our small ideas) by pdis_inpartmaint
The Boats - The Ballad Of The Eagle - Great Intentions (our small ideas) by pdis_inpartmaint
  The Boats - The Days We Didn't Spend by Fluid Radio

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