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[fluidaudio 008] Various - Kanshin Compilation 2CD 2011

Various – Kanshin
Label: Fluid Audio, hibernate
Catalog#: fluidaudio 008
Format: 2 × CD, Compilation
Country: UK
Released: Jun 2011
Genre: Electronic
Style: Modern Classical, Drone, Experimental, Ambient

Art Direction – Ian Hazeldine*
Hosted By [Kanshin Curated By] – Daniel Crossley, Jonathan Lees
Mastered By – Wil Bolton
Track 2-4 recorded in Gothenburg 2010-2011. Performed, produced and mixed at The 63rd.
Kanshin is a compilation album that has been put together to raise money for the current recovery in Japan following March’s earthquake.
100% of profit from compilation sales will go directly towards the Japan recovery and on-going relief efforts.
Released in a A5 sized cardboard jacket
The Fluid Audio catalog number (008) does not appear on the release. It is, however, mentioned at the label site.

1-1 Clem Leek – Light Passage II (Grief) 5:08
1-2 Hummingbird (2) – Dancing Shadows 3:58
1-3 Relmic Statute – Lopery 5:02
1-4 Scissors And Sellotape – Heal 3:34
1-5 P Jørgensen & Ian Hawgood* – Isles 3:34
1-6 Wil Bolton – Lost In Transit 4:12
1-7 Field Rotation – A Pondering Silence 4:38
1-8 Caught In The Wake Forever – Lia Fail (At Dawn) 3:34
1-9 Damian Valles – Clime 5:42
1-10 Library Tapes – May (Variation) 1:45
1-11 Yellow6 – Repeat 6:20
1-12 Maps And Diagrams* With Ylid – Again 4:54
1-13 Felicia Atkinson – Chaleur Vacante 8:44
1-14 Hessien – Flightless And Nocturnal 2:42
1-15 Yann Novak – 3 Surfaces Excerpt 5:04
1-16 Offthesky* With Ten And Tracer – Therapy Refuge 7:10
2-1 Orla Wren With Katie English – Swallowtail Yellow 5:16
2-2 Moving Dawn Orchestra, The – We're Here 3:48
2-3 Spheruleus – Residue 4:48
2-4 Silence Set, The – So Will Everything We Love
Performer, Producer, Mixed By – Dag Rosenqvist, Johan Gustavsson 3:46
2-5 Aaron Martin (2) & Machinefabriek – Utsutsu 3:04
Instruments, Recorded By – Aaron Martin (2)
Other [Further Adjustments] – Machinefabriek
2-6 Szymon Kaliski – And Longing 4:55
2-7 Jeremy Bible & Jason Henry – Grainslip 7:34
2-8 Bengalfuel – Gorgon 4:44
2-9 David Newlyn – Landscape (III) 2:02
2-10 Tom White (4) – Bright Rooms 4:04
2-11 Listening Mirror – The Cause Of It All 6:19
2-12 Talvihorros – Perigee 7:49
2-13 Alex Durlak – Bellows 5:40
2-14 Antonymes – Kiotsuketene 2:56
2-15 Kyle Bobby Dunn – Britannia Into Morning 8:00

Kanshin is a two CD compilation album that presents a collection of sound design work from some of the scene's finest artists from across the globe. It has been put together to raise money for the current recovery in Japan following March's earthquake.

As the sensationalist media broadcasters find other things to talk about in the news, a huge recovery operation is still on-going as we speak. Many people have lost everything. So we decided to put together Kanshin so that via Ian Hawgood, 100% of profit from compilation sales will go directly towards the Japan recovery and on-going relief efforts. Ian lives in Japan and his wife is currently working with both the Japan Earthquake Animal Rescue and Support organisation (JEARS)
in Sendai and surrounding areas, as well as the Direct Help for Victims and Animals Rejected from Shelters in Japan group who are going up to areas which are not receiving government support for food, water, basic
supplies, as well as rebuilding and cleaning up. By this means they are able to transport food, clothing and aid directly almost every other weekend and during holidays to areas which are not getting enough or any support.
Ian's wife has also arranged a house as a base in Sendai for volunteers and a temporary home for found animals who are then moved on through JEARS either to foster homes or animal centres. We felt that any funds we can send this way would probably have more of an immediate impact than donating via one of the larger UK charities.

Ian himself has contributed to the compilation in a collaboration with Peter Jørgensen and through 3 hours and some 30 tracks, the line up that comprises this album is surely as exciting as it gets...

Kanshin is curated by Daniel Crossley (Fluid Radio/Fluid
Audio/Facture) and Jonathan Lees (Hibernate/Rural Colours), with invaluable assistance from Ian Hazeldine (Cover art), Wil Bolton (Mastering) and Damian Valles (Digital distribution). This release is made possible by the generosity of all of the artists involved.

Fluid Audio

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