Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Kamikaze#64 - Anworth Kirk

Kamikaze#64 - Anworth Kirk

Kamikaze (@radiokamikaze)- radio show presented and mixed by paul ackroyd covering the best and weirdest in all walks of electronic music, and quite a lot more besides...

This time out it's all about sinister collagists Anworth Kirk. You might have caught their superb debut at the end of last year, and this followup, Avonwaith, is another slice of the same. Tune in for a big ol' chunk of stuff from this new Anworth Kirk record, plus a load of dark, bleak, and plundered nonsense from the likes of Frieder Butzmann, Stockhausen, Broadcast, The Focus Group, The Advisory Circle, Myrmyr, Demdike Stare, The Body, Steve Reich, A Silver Mt Zion, Nova Scotion Arms, Andrew Liles, Bernard Parmegiani, and Pop-Off Tuesday...

Demdike Stare - Of Decay & Shadows [Modern Love]
Karlheinz Stockhausen - Kontakte (Edit) [Ellipsis Arts]
Frieder Butzmann - In Einem Netzwerk [Pan]
Bernard Parmegiani - Ponomatopees [GRM]
Myrmyr - Golden Ashes [Under The Spire]
The Haxan Cloak - The Growling [Aurora Borealis]
The Body - Empty Hearth [At A Loss]
Pop-Off Tuesday - Unworldly [Pickled Egg]
Nova Scotion Arms - Current (White) [Sweat Lodge Guru]
Andrew Liles - What Never Will Be [Infraction]
Broadcast & The Focus Group - We Are After All Here [Warp/Ghost Box]
The Advisory Circle - We Cleanse This Space [Ghost Box]
Broadcast - Through The Gates Of Yesterday [Warp]
The Focus Group - Starry Wisdom [Ghost Box]
Anworth Kirk - Avonwaith [Pre-Cert Home Entertainment]
A Silver Mt Zion - Lonely As The Sound Of Lying On The Ground Of An Airplane Going Down [Constellation]
Steve Reich - Come Out [Nonesuch]

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paul ackroyd said...

hey, thanks very much for featuring this on your site, much appreciated. many more shows up since then at mixcloud.com/kamikaze and samurai.fm/kamikaze

lovely site btw

all the best