Wednesday, May 26, 2010

William Fowler Collins - Surreal In Springtime

William Fowler Collins - Surreal In Springtime

The sun's shining, so who better to usher in the light faeries than William Fowler Collins?

t’s hard to believe this is only William’s first mix for Type, and I can’t give a reasonable explanation why that is. While he might be best known for his doomy, blackened soundscapes, his taste varies far more than he’s given credit for, as this wide-reaching collection of surreal gems attests. Really, there’s no better way to spend your hot spring/summer days than listening to these peculiar sounds…
1. Patsy Cline // “Sweet Dreams” // Decca Country Classics (1934-1973)
2. Lydia Lunch // “The Drowning” // Drowning in Limbo
3. Lefty Frizzell // “I Never Go Around Mirrors” // Classic Country Music: A Smithsonian Collection
4. Helena Gough // “Yolk” // With What Remains
5. The Flying Burrito Brothers // “Sin City” // The Gilded Palace Of Sin
6. Maryanne Amacher // “Tower” // Sound Characters
7. Chris Watson // “Vultures, Nine Birds Feeding On Zebra Carcass, Itong Plains, Kenya” // Outside the Circle of Fire
8. Giacinto Scelsi // “Anahit” // Quattro Pezzi per Orchestra – Anahit – Uaxuctum
9. Xasthur // “In The Hate Of Battle” // Nocturnal Poisoning
10. Ennio Morricone // “The Man” // Once Upon A Time In The West
11. Butthole Surfers // “Whirling Hall Of Knives” // Rembrandt Pussyhorse
12. Jimi Hendrix // “Machine Gun” // Live/Isle Of Wight

William Fowler Collins - Surreal In Springtime by _type


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