Tuesday, January 25, 2011

[AS 007] Mist - Glowing Net LP 2010

Mist - Glowing Net
Label: Amethyst Sunset
Catalog#: AS007
Format: Vinyl, LP, Limited Edition
Country: US
Released: 2010
Genre: Electronic
Style: Abstract, Drone

Limited edition of 500 copies on black vinyl

A1 A.M.
A2 Sky High
A3 Mist Stream
B1 Soaring Yellow / Glowing Net
B2 Mist Refrain

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*Emeralds' John Elliot and Radio People's Sam Goldberg on a killer, dense and tripped out synth adventure - already sold out at source* Sam Goldberg (Radio People) and John Elliott (Emeralds/Imaginary Softwoods) embark on their latest vision quest as Mist with a dazzling album of untethered interzonal synth exploration. 'Glowing Net' previously appeared as a cassette on Goldberg's Pizza Night label but it's clearly one of those sessions that just had to end up on wax, ready to soundtrack the light show behind your eyelids. 'Glowing Net' takes the sounds of their previous 'Mist' LP one step further, affording a 360º panoramic view of totally classic sci-fi soundscapes. From the outset of 'A.M.' there's a sure adjustment of reverb settings, expanding their sound to the peripheries of perception and allowing glimpses of previously unseen/heard galactic disturbances deep in the distance. The effect carries into 'Sky High' where a deceptively mixed distant clang more than once made us think some workmen were repairing a shuttle outside the office, itself creating a magically transcendent space enhanced by the flurry of chromatic synth shapes. From the dominant, titanic emotions of 'Mist Stream' onwards, the other side encounters the vast shapes of 'Soaring Yellow/Glowing Net' and the breathtaking, near-symphonic scenery of 'Mist Refrain', both as close as you'll get to a contemporary equivalent of classic '70s/'80s sci-fi soundtracks. The effect of all this is surely enhanced by the remastering for vinyl by James Plotkin and a vinyl lacquer cut at Berlin's alchemical D&M. Highly recommended indeed.


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