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[WIT 009] Saturn Form Essence - Abyss (EP) CD 2009

Saturn Form Essence - Abyss
Label: Witte Dood Records
Catalog#: WIT009
Format: CDr, Mini, Limited Edition, EP
Country: Netherlands
Released: 2009
Genre: Electronic
Style: Dark Ambient, Drone

Limited to 33 copies.

1 Abyss 11:06

Sometimes the name says it all; the solo-project Saturn Form Essence from Ukraine paints images of space through electronic and ambient sounds. Even though the band is really young, it's managed to create three full-lenghts, three demos and two EP's - and all of them were released this year!

  The track is based on a really slow, calm, spacey, and somewhat low-pitch ambient pattern that progresses in a vein that makes me think that it was made (and possibly improvised) with a synthetisator; the chords changes also imply to that direction, they are that visible. The synth-track is backed by a bassy "two-chord" droning pattern that's repeated throughout the track. The drone pattern doesn't change, it just occasionally changes it's pitch or volume a bit. These two sounds fit well together and create a working whole, except for the brief moments when the drone gets too much space to itself as it just doesn't sound too good on it's own.

  Even though this track is rather good execution- and sound-wise, it's ideas and structure present really basic material; if you're into space ambient, it's most likely that you've heard similar stuff way too many times. The track lacks in ideas and daring, and even though the used sounds are good, especially the synth-sound is rather basic too. As the release is based on such a sparse amount of elements and changes, it gives it's all in a rather short amount of time.

Despite all that, the release does succeed in painting images of deep space and is good for an occasional listen. Based on all the material I've heard from the band, there would be need for a good deal of practicing the usage the chosen instruments, as well as refining the ideas.

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