Saturday, July 3, 2010

[wh 127] O.E.S. - A Material, A Sound, A Shape 2010

O.E.S. - A Material, A Sound, A Shape
Label: Webbed Hand Records
Catalog#: wh127
Format: File, MP3, 320 kbps
Country: US
Released: 17 Jun 2010
Genre: Classical, Electronic
Style: Leftfield, Modern Classical, Experimental

1 Steve Layton - Night Lights (Shintaro Sato) 6:54
2 Massimo Croce - Middan Tharir 8:16
3 Steve Layton - Canto Notturno (Giacomo Leopardi) 7:46
4 Imago Meccano & Marco Lucchi - Glitchy Fragment #1 (Curtains Remix) 3:57
5 Giza - O.E.S. Sketch 1 Entia Non (Steve Layton - Canto Notturno) 2:58
6 Giza - O.E.S. Sketch 2 (Onomelotron) 3:11
7 Imago Meccano - Uncertain (Entia Non Remixed) 7:30
8 Giza - O.E.S. Sketch 3 – Celer 5 4 3:30
9 Steve Layton - O Saffo 3:45
10 Angelo Secondini - Evaporate 8:26
11 loALUe - Along The Serpentine, Under The Snow 2:37
12 Lolek - A Material, A Sound, A Shape 5:20

Orchestra Eclettica e Sincretista is a musical collective led by Marco Lucchi.

The concept of this album is group members remixing or constructing pieces from tracks and
samples contributed by other members.
"it is about remixing and reworking each other -- an "internal" project... it concerns the pleasure of a collective and shared work... the title lightly refers to alchemy" - Marco Lucchi.

Features tracks contributed by Steve Layton, Massimo Croce, Loalue, Cometa, Imago Meccano, Giza and Lolek and sounds by Entia Non, Marco Lucchi, Kozo Ikeno, The Onomatopoeian, Celer, Christian Vasseur, Wara Tito Rios, Sonicbrat, Satoshi Arisaka, Naoki Ishida and Harold Nono.
Visit for more information about Marco Lucchi and O.E.S.

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